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1 Nato today offered to include Moscow in its defence planning, announcing that missile shields being developed in the us and Europe could be integrated with Russian systems.
2 Recently, the President sent Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of defense Robert Gates to Moscow to discuss the missile defense dispute with their Russian counterparts.
3 But Russian military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer cautions that Ukraine could be Russia's next target as part of what he says is a grand Kremlin plan for the partial restoration of Russian greatness.
4 said that speaking Russian or Polish in western Ukraine arouses the wrath of local "nationalists".
5 The case... will be critical to future in-flows of foreign direct investment, so vital to Russian economic revival.
6 he will focus on improving ties with the Russian people.
7 In 2008, they built a "nest" of branches on the balcony of the Russian pavilion at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice and have exhibited in Paris and Luxembourg.
8 If schema size is an issue, then the Russian Doll is appropriate.
9 Japanese fishing boat was hauled out of the Pacific Ocean by a Russian ship on Monday.
10 America cannot stop Russian officials abusing the judicial system at home, but it can try to stop them reaping the benefits of their corruption in the West.
11 But he was right to understand that Tolstoy's presence imposed certain ethical restrictions on Russian society.
12 The hottest summer in Russian history resulted in hundreds of wildfires, causing a public-health crisis in Moscow when smoke enveloped the city.
13 He adds that if such missiles were intended to intercept against Russia, it would be better to station them in Ireland or North Dakota, where they could intercept Russian missiles more effectively.
14 a nifty solder-gun and his small engraving lathe he could make an American typewriter speak 145 different tongues, from Russian to Homeric Greek.
15 titles that Eikhenbaum keeps talking about -how Don Quixote was Made, how Gogol's Overcoat was Made - reflect the preoccupation of the Russian formalists with how literature is put together.
16 Similarly, Russian attempts to draw analogies with NATO’s bombing of Serbia in 1999 and its encouragement of Kosovo’s independence, or with the American-led invasion of Iraq, do not wash.
17 As soon as they climbed inside, the driver drew their attention to the bar, the television, the VCR, the selection of Russian videos, and the refrigerator stocked with smoked meats and caviar.
18 Particularly on the one full day spent travelling, when the dining room is the venue for Russian language lessons, history talks, extended card games and caviar and vodka tastings.
19 The police dispatched the fake zebras to several different locations in the Russian capital, where officials in orange vests walked them over zebra crossings and handed out flyers to passing drivers.
20 He quickly interpreted to me what the Russian was saying.
21 languages at the moment are all Eastern European - Polish, Albanian, Russian, but we do lots of Portuguese for the Angolans.
22 But, as one Russian minister hinted, the government's motives may not be entirely green.
23 Our main trophy was a species of char, like an oversized trout with delicate pink spots, called goletz in Russian.
24 A spokesman for the Russian gas giant, Gazprom, held up a letter at a Moscow new conference on new Year's Eve that he says was signed by the head of Ukraine's gas company.
25 These materials were deposited mainly over countries in Europe, but especially over large areas of Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine.
26 Or will that look like giving in to Russian blackmail?
27 Poland, which is trying to weaken its dependence on Russian energy in part by developing nuclear power, reacted cautiously.
28 For years after the cold war ended, NATO's threat assessment, contained in a document known as MC 161, saw no Russian threat; that is why there are few contingency plans to defend new Allies.
29 According to news reports, Nauru, a country known for exporting phosphate harvested from bird droppings, bartered its recognition of Abkhazia for $50 million in Russian financial aid.
30 The Russian government considers some dark liquids to be “strategic”, but not cola.