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No. sentence
1 I like fish. I never ate trout before in Russia.
2 He trained to be an engineer and was sent to Russia to study missile technology.
3 Moscow however wanted control over the eastern sector of Nato's missile defence systems and a written pledge that the system will never be used against Russia.
4 Yet although killings and explosions have become daily occurrences in these north Caucasian republics, in Moscow they are not considered to be attacks on Russia itself.
5 But in Russia the greatest source of their strength is not their ideology, their Numbers or their money.
6 Looking at these maps, though, you can imagine how surprising that conclusion might have been to many residents of Mexico, the United States, central Canada, Sweden, or northern Russia.
7 Even if Russia starts producing GPS-compatible transceivers, it has no chance of defeating Navstar GPS, which has dominated the world market for almost 20 years.
8 But in Russia, where the notion of a tsar survived the Soviet Union, divided power is usually problematic.
9 She was ridiculed during last year's campaign after arguing she had foreign policy experience because of her state's proximity to Russia.
10 more to do with wrong-footing the new pro-western, pro-Romanian government in Moldova than pleasing Russia, which declined the offer.
11 Russia presumably has no desire to be sucked in, as it was in Afghanistan in 1979-and certainly not without international backing.
12 And let me be clear: NATO should be seeking collaboration with Russia, not confrontation.
13 Australia, England, Indonesia, Japan, Russia and the United States have all bid for both championships, and there are joint bids from Belgium with the Netherlands and Spain with Portugal.
14 One of the ablest historians of imperial Russia.
15 That makes Shenzhen more engaged in innovation than Brazil or Russia, but far less than Japan or Israel, and thus more vulnerable to competition.
16 A three-month-old bear cub who was born at the zoo in Stavropol, Russia, takes a walk.
17 Estonia and Latvia have modern radars that snoop deep into Russia and Belarus.
18 Russia is a great nation and the people of Russia have created magnificent history and brilliant culture, making prominent contributions to human civilization and progress.
19 In rural Russia, eggs can help you make friends with supernatural forces.
20 He adds that if such missiles were intended to intercept against Russia, it would be better to station them in Ireland or North Dakota, where they could intercept Russian missiles more effectively.
21 Washington insists its shield plan is not directed against Russia but threats from "rogue states" such as Iran.
22 But President Bush has stressed the target is not Russia, and that the facilities are intended to protect Europe from the threat posed by rogue states, such as Iran.
23 During the boom the number of wealthy people in Russia, India, China and the Middle East rose rapidly.
24 Under Mr Medvedev United Russia, already widely thought of as a party of “thieves and crooks”, will lose more support.
25 An earlier study in Russia, however, failed to detect a heightened leukemia risk, although it did report high rates of stroke, high blood pressure, and digestive disorders.
26 As well as the army, thousands of policemen across Russia have served in Chechnya.
27 Russia hinted it might agree, but China stayed mum.
28 The old saw is that Washington is a one-crisis town, " says Ariel Cohen, a Russia expert with the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington.
29 North part of Russia possesses an inexpressible beauty of nature and fascinating historical monuments.
30 you feel about Russia?