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Rural Alaska in a sentence

1. Girl Scouting expanded to rural Alaska in 1945 with the establishment of the first troop in Nome.

2. As of 2009 schools in rural Alaska must have at least 10 students to retain funding from the state.

3. This college is part of the College of Rural Alaska network and offers both conventional classroom and distance classes.

4. Rural Alaska villages have traditionally relied upon diesel generators for their electrical needs.

5. Kasigluk is one of several rural Alaska villages implementing wind power;

6. Gravel was the chief architect of the law that created a regional high school system for rural Alaska;

7. Cowper moved to Fairbanks, Alaska in 1968 and served as assistant district attorney for rural Alaska and Fairbanks.

8. Sheldon Jackson in his travels through rural Alaska.

9. Sheldon Jackson in his travels through rural Alaska.

10. Schools in rural Alaska must have at least 10 students to retain funding from the state.

11. At the time, nearly every household in the rural Alaska Bush and Interior had a team of sled dogs for transportation.

12. As the majority of rural Alaska is served by satellite, population centers like Utqiagvik, Kotzebue, and Nome suffer from this as well.

13. The student body, both in its former and current incarnations, is predominately from rural Alaska.

14. Mt. Edgecumbe is known for developing educationally-disadvantaged students from rural Alaska.

15. Ninety percent of MEHS's student body is Alaska Native, with the majority hailing from rural Alaska.

16. In September 2011, Oefelein survived a small plane crash in rural Alaska.

17. Novels Nonfiction Selected Short Fiction Guthridge also helped develop the Rural Alaska Honors Institute (RAHI).

18. Among the topics studied have been energy, developing health care and education, rural Alaska and the management of wildlife and land.

19. In an August interview with The New Yorker, Palin blamed Monegan for failing to address alcohol abuse in rural Alaska.

20. The Sister School Exchange program is a one-week student exchange program between students in urban and rural Alaska.

21. Born RaeJean Franklin in 1950, she moved with her husband Steve Bonham to rural Alaska in the early 1970s.

22. Power Cost Equalization (PCE) is a subsidy from the State of Alaska (USA) to residential utility customers in rural Alaska.

23. Fine won numerous awards for his radio reporting from rural Alaska before he moved to New Mexico.

24. Under population-based apportionment, many future legislative districts in rural Alaska would also cover vast amounts of the state.

25. There are many problem issues within the rural Alaska Native population such as tooth disease.

26. This building is one such building that has been erected to better carry out health care in rural Alaska.

27. In 2009, the site earned positive coverage for its series on a massacre of caribou in the rural Alaska village of Point Hope.

28. Muñoz taught school in rural Alaska, and worked as a writer and cartoonist for the Juneau Empire.

29. Schools in rural Alaska must have at least 10 students to retain funding from the state.

30. A daughter of teachers Bryan and Eileen MacLean, Sweeney grew up in Wainwright, Bethel, and Unalakleet and Utqiagvik in rural Alaska.