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1 This castle dates back to Roman times.
2 They should see themselves as aliens, as exiles, and yet they should see themselves as properly subservient, honorable, well behaved exiles in a Roman context.
3 leaders will be ordained as Roman Catholic priests on January 15th.
4 The Roman governor, from Paul's perspective, at least as he puts in there in Romans 13, is actually God's servant to punish wrongdoing.
5 Now in fact W was not part of the Roman alphabet. We English invented W after adopting the 23 letters that came as a standard set from the Romans.
6 Greeks and Roman myths focus overwhelmingly on this life; Egypt, with one foot in prehistory, looked over the horizon to the place where the setting sun vanished.
7 If they're uncomfortable with Roman rule, and feel depressed and oppressed, then eventually the book will lead them to feeling comfort.
8 However, Roman COINS show Cleopatra to have masculine features: a large nose, protruding chin and thin lips - not any culture's archetype of good looks.
9 of the Roman Empire to the Industrial Revolution and beyond, Clarks compelling narrative is accompanied by breathtaking colour photography of Europes grearest landmarks.
10 Unlike Americans of our day, however, few in the Roman Republic felt their system should be, or could be, embraced by others in the mysterious ancient societies of the East.
11 So he's imitating Roman official legal and political government structures by having regional bishops presiding over a plurality of priests who then are also over a plurality of deacons.
12 the speculation on their use, including that they may have been surveying instruments, some experts believe the Roman dodecahedr a were merely decorative candlesticks.
13 Paintings adorn the walls and ceiling of a Roman tomb (pictured Tuesday) where the oldest known ICONS of the Apostles were recently discovered.
14 Roman poet known for his explorations of love, especially the Art of Love(c. 1 b. c. ) and Metamorphoses(c. a. d. 8).
15 Emperor Claudius, he of the Roman Empire fame, one made farting legal at banquets, stating that it was for the good of the people health.
16 So you will even find good faithful Roman Catholic scholars who will also either accept or reject the Pauline authorship of this.
17 What would have happened if the Roman soldiers had listened to Jesus' plea, had taken him off the cross and let him escape?
18 They will all vote on the 19 nominated films, which include works by Roman Polanski, the Coen Brothers and Steven Soderbergh, to decide the winner of the coveted Palmed 'or.
19 Archaeologists think the spike might have helped in extracting meat from snails, a popular Roman food, and the spatula in poking sauce out of narrow-necked bottles.
20 idea of the pub sign came to Britain at the time of the Roman invasion.
21 To this Roman ideal of republicanism the thinkers of the Enlightenment added more liberal notions of freedom.
22 So it wasn't until the 14th century that the Roman church began to constrain this "indulgence", banning it on its all-too-regular fast days.
23 From the moment you arrive at the stairway to the Neptune Pool until you bid farewell to your guides at the magnificent, golden and blue Roman Pool, you are reminded that a man had a dream.
24 A group of Hungarian archaeologists had just concluded excavations at the site, and French archaeologists had excavated Roman baths just outside the walls of the temple.
25 Europe's aristocracy took the waters at mineral spas, often on the sites of former Roman baths, to subject the ailing body to water treatment, rather than to cleanse away dirt.
26 Since Roman times, the white symbol of celebration.
27 The Frankish warrior-king, crowned as heir of the Roman emperors by Pope Leo III in 800, is still revered locally as a saint.
28 26 inherently meaningless letters of the Roman alphabet suited the technology perfectly, and within three decades there were print shops in every corner of the continent.
29 They suggest that Queen Arsinoƫ II (316-270 B.C.) was the first female pharaoh belonging to Ptolemy's family -- the dynasty that ruled Egypt for some 300 years until the Roman conquest of 30 B.C.
30 Next, the Roman Corvus, the ancient plank designed to board an enemy ship.