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1 The public was at first ambivalent; but the more the president campaigned, the less popular the idea became, until the Republicans ran for cover, and reform died.
2 Republicans have still demurred; they consider eliminating loopholes tantamount to raising taxes, though it could equally be argued that it is the same as cutting spending.
3 Republicans have still demurred;they consider eliminating loopholes tantamount to raising taxes, though it could equally be argued that it is the same as cutting spending.
4 Despite what some Republicans have argued, I believe that we have to ask the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations to pay their fair share by giving up tax breaks and special deductions.
5 In the Reagan era, well-connected Republicans received favoured treatment in this organization.
6 Many Republicans, like myself, believe we would be better off with a treaty than without [one, but] - only if we modernize our nuclear deterrent force.
7 When he was speaker of California's assembly, he recalls, "I mixed up the physical seating order" to make Democrats and Republicans work together, and they did.
8 biggest barrier to such a reform in the past has come from congressional Republicans.
9 After pushing the country to the brink of default before last month's debt deal, the Republicans in Congress have seen their approval ratings plunge.
10 But greed trumps gay rights, and financial industry contributions swung sharply toward the Republicans in the 2010 elections.
11 Nevertheless Republicans have a strong tradition in the state.
12 Although they do not yet know who the opponent will be, Kentucky's Republicans know enough about their incumbent to be worried.
13 It's hard to escape the impression that Republicans have taken Mr. Obama's measure - that they're calling his bluff in the belief that he can be counted on to fold.
14 pendulum effect of American politics would favour Republicans, and Mr Huntsman would be well-placed to win support from moderate Democrats who can overlook his religion.
15 Republicans also worry that the bill marks the start of a big expansion of government.
16 So if you are speaking to a group of Republicans or doctors or Mormons or blacks, it is probably risky to target jokes toward their specific group if you are not one of them.
17 Well, that's what the Republicans are banking on," he told USA TODAY. "But the American people have a funny way of figuring."
18 But many Republicans had a much sharper reaction.
19 But if 60 votes are required because of a filibuster, ultimately some Republicans would have to vote for the increase lest the party be blamed for a debt crisis.
20 One is the chilling specter of sovereign default, something that never should have come up in the United States but did for a while because of the reckless brinkmanship of House Republicans.
21 He might have tacked to the right, in the hope of winning over Republicans, but he would probably have failed.
22 For five of the past six years Republicans have held all the levers of power in washington-the presidency and both arms of Congress.
23 more the Republicans pounded away at me, the more the memories of what Ken Starr had done or how they had behaved during impeachment faded.
24 I said the Republicans budget reminded me of the story of a politician who wanted to ask a farmer to vote for him but was reluctant to come into his yard because a barking dog was there.
25 The next election, in 1866, put Congress under the control of radical Republicans, who stationed federal troops throughout the South.
26 the criticism of the bailout plan came from conservative Republicans as well as the left should make us think.
27 Yet here in Washington there seems to be no clear plan for an endgame in Libya, not even a notion of what to expect. Even normally hawkish Republicans are expressing concern.
28 But many Republicans have said they will not do so unless Democrats endorse cuts of a much greater magnitude than the ones they were resisting this week.
29 This batch of Republicans has dispensed with such niceties.
30 Republicans were left with few other options other than showing their disdain for the theatrics and plotting next step forwards.