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1 The brainchild of Millard Fuller, a friend of ours from Renaissance Weekend, Habitat USES volunteers to build houses for and with poor people, who then pay for the cost of the materials.
2 His long narrative poem Venus and Adonis borrowed from Ovid's Metamorphoses exhibits Renaissance humanists' advocacy of desire to reason and ultimately attaining harmony of the two.
3 He was the ultimate Renaissance man - studying anatomy, designing a rudimentary helicopter and creating some of the most admired paintings of the age.
4 Shaolin's renaissance is largely the work of a kung fu movie and a very modern monk.
5 Some of the writers of the Harlem Renaissance criticized her for writing about black culture instead of relations between the RACES.
6 The Renaissance was an epoch of unparalleled cultural achievement.
7 Ours can be a time of a new Renaissance of values, of justice, of freedom from want and from fear.
8 a streak of a modern-day Medici, a patron of the arts whose sponsorship of Jonathan Ie has ushered in a Renaissance for industrial design.
9 More than 150 portraits, sculptures and MEDALS from the early Italian Renaissance are on view.
10 If Charles I owned a real Leonardo before he was executed in 1649, this means our national love affair with the Renaissance polymath has been going on for almost 400 years.
11 High finance not only funded high art, but its money and movement helped to fuel the humanist ideals that inspired the Renaissance.
12 In short, the Renaissance was not, socially speaking, the dawn of a new day, but its twilight.
13 the most revered masterpieces of Renaissance art, Leonardo da Vinci somehow still found time to tap into his inner eccentric.
14 can be in the form of battle reenactments, Renaissance fairs, pioneer days, or historic living.
15 There is also armour, majolica, medieval and Renaissance objets d’art and scores of Old Master paintings including outstanding works by Rembrandt, Velasquez, Hals and Titian.
16 Chicago version, which will be entitled, “Kings, Queens and Courtiers: Art in Early Renaissance France”, promises to be more sharply focused.
17 been billed as Renaissance squared-china's golden age meets Italy's era of glory. But this exhibition is far more ambitious than that.
18 The red circle in the upper left part of this image is SN 1572, often called "Tycho’s Supernova" for Renaissance astronomer Tycho Brahe.
19 The debut of these shoes was during the Renaissance, but they were still the shoe of choice for many Italian women at the beginning of the 17th century.
20 Still, in regard to energy independence and greenhouse gases, the benefits of nuclear fission have slowly softened Americans' overall attitudes toward a possible nuclear renaissance.
21 the "Portrait of Dwarf Morgante," the subject was a court jester, part of the Medici court in the Florentine Renaissance.
22 For example, he has a revisionist view of the Medici, stubbornly refusing to eulogise Cosimo or Lorenzo de’ Medici, the conventional heroes of popular histories of Renaissance Florence.
23 Renaissance Club, for example, welcomes students to Florence, where they work as guild artists for a patron—their teacher—and learn about history, geography, and civics.
24 Jumping out of a moving plane is not as revolutionary as it was 600 years ago, when Renaissance inventors started experimenting with the parachute.
25 This power was recognizedby both classical antiquity and medieval and Renaissance writers asthe arbitrary force in human affairsthat makes it extremely difficultto predict the outcome of any event.
26 youth Renaissance is rooted, I think, in the elders' tenacity, 1970s activism and a backlash against the mass media's depiction of Native Americans.
27 I came to love the neat, sharp-sided, airy script of 14th-century account books, and to admire the delicately rounded humanistic hand of Renaissance Italian ambassadors.
28 Describe the aims and outcomes of the Renaissance," the middle school history teacher would ask in his exam.
29 Skeptics express surprise that there is no apparent historical record for the drawing, given that Leonardo was one of Italy’s most famous painters during the Renaissance.
30 The technique was used on works by the 14th century artist Giotto di Bondone, considered by critics to be one of the founders of the Italian Renaissance.