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Regions Financial Corporation in a sentence

1. Birmingham is a leading banking center, serving as home to two major banks: Regions Financial Corporation and BBVA Compass.

2. Regions Financial Corporation operates a large operations center in the city, which employs nearly 500 people.

3. Regions Financial Corporation is in Birmingham, as is AmSouth Bancorporation, and BBVA Compass.

4. It is the former Tennessee headquarters of Regions Financial Corporation.

5. In 2006-2007, AmSouth merged with Regions Financial Corporation which is headquartered in Birmingham.

6. During the merger frenzy within regional brokerages of the late 1990s and early 2000s, the firm was sold to Regions Financial Corporation for $789 million.

7. On May 25, 2006, AmSouth announced it would merge with Regions Financial Corporation, another Birmingham-based bank, in a $10 billion deal.

8. This group even stole Brock's intended name for Central's proposed holding company, First Alabama Bancshares–forerunner of Regions Financial Corporation.

9. In Birmingham, AmSouth Bancorporation, Compass Bancshares, Regions Financial Corporation and SouthTrust all became known as the Big Four.

10. Regions Financial Corporation is a bank holding company headquartered in the Regions Center in Birmingham, Alabama.

11. The building currently serves as the Georgia headquarters for Regions Financial Corporation.

12. In February 2011, Regions Financial Corporation filed a foreclosure petition on the church.

13. The building now serves as the corporate headquarters for Regions Financial Corporation.

14. At that time, the name of the stadium as Regions Field was unveiled, with the naming rights purchased by Birmingham-based Regions Financial Corporation.

15. The top of the building currently features the signage of Regions Financial Corporation.

16. The building now serves as the Indiana headquarters for Regions Financial Corporation.

17. In 2004, Regions Financial Corporation of Birmingham, Alabama entered merger negotiations with Union Planters Bank.

18. Jackson W. Moore is an American attorney and retired Executive Chairman of Union Planters Bank and Regions Financial Corporation.

19. The name change, however, sparked a civil lawsuit by Regions Financial Corporation filed on September 29, 2006 for trademark infringement.

20. Regions Trust, formerly Regions Morgan Keegan Trust is the trust division of Regions Financial Corporation and its subsidiary Regions Wealth Management.

21. Major tenants include Regions Financial Corporation;

22. Also in 2007, Barclays agreed to purchase Equifirst Corporation from Regions Financial Corporation for US$225 million.

23. Bryan Kennedy, formerly of Regions Financial Corporation, was chairman.

24. He is on the board of directors of Workday, Regions Financial Corporation (RF), and Vulcan Materials Company (VM).

25. As of 2019, Birmingham has one Fortune 500 public company: Regions Financial Corporation (#447).

26. In September 2011, the church creditor, Regions Financial Corporation, foreclosed on the property.

27. It serves as the North Carolina headquarters for Regions Financial Corporation.

28. He serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of the Regions Financial Corporation.

29. Hall joined the Regions Financial Corporation in 1980.

30. Linn's hand rests on a pillar, representing the establishment of the National Bank of Birmingham (Regions Financial Corporation).