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Rafter in a sentence

1. Rafter turned professional in 1991.

2. Rafter's breakthrough came in 1997.

3. Rafter defeated him in four sets.

4. Rafter did not play any tour matches in 2002.

5. this is called the rafter table.

6. The Drop Zone; Jika Jika (Family Rafter);

7. Rafter went on to win the tournament.

8. Marxist feminists, (Rafter &

9. Rounded rafter tails project from the eaves.

10. The building has timber exposed rafter ends.

11. The building has exposed timber rafter ends.

12. WMGQ is programmed by Jeff Rafter.

13. Rafter was a noted moderniser of the service.

14. N.Jeavana, J.Scott, M.Rafter;

15. M.Rafter (capt.), R.Hesford, N.Jeavons;

16. Cf. also Lith. kreklas rafter.

17. Nicole Hahn Rafter (1939–2016;

18. The latter have visible rafter ends.

19. Rafter ends are exposed.

20. Seamus Rafter (24 January 1873 –

21. and deep eaves with exposed rafter ends.

22. Patrick Rafter def.

23. Interior: nave: trussed rafter roof.

24. Both roofs have exposed rafter ends.

25. Rafter tails are exposed at the eaves.

26. The tournaments won by Rafter are bolded.

27. big rafter is visible in this room.

28. Rafter of satin, and roof of stone.

29. A wooden beam or rafter.

30. But still quiet at the rafter.