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Pytho in a sentence

1. At Delphi, Apollo was venerated as the slayer of Pytho.

2. But when Apollo came and sent Themis, the child of Earth, away from the holy oracle of Pytho, Earth gave birth to dream visions of the night;

3. Others relate that it was named Pytho (Πυθώ) and that Pythia, the priestess serving as the oracle, was chosen from their ranks by a group of priestesses who officiated at the temple.

4. The Homeric name of the oracle is Pytho (Πυθώ).

5. According to the Homeric hymn to the Pythian Apollo, Apollo shot his first arrow as an infant which effectively slew the serpent Pytho, the son of Gaia, who guarded the spot.

6. The name Pythia is derived from Pytho, which in myth was the original name of Delphi.

7. Pytho was the chthonic enemy of Apollo, who slew her and remade her former home his own oracle, the most famous in Classical Greece.

8. In his second Olympian Ode, Pindar writes: Laius' tragic son, crossing his father's path, killed him and fulfilled the oracle spoken of old at Pytho.

9. When Io gained the courage to tell Inachus about these haunting dreams, his father sent many messengers to consult the oracle of Pytho and Dodona so that he might discover what deed or word of his would find favor with the gods.

10. Python, sometimes written Phython, presided at the Delphic oracle, which existed in the cult center for its mother, Gaia, "Earth", Pytho being the place name that was substituted for the earlier Krisa.

11. Lucius Pomponius of Bologna, influenced by Palliata Fabius Dorsennus composed several Atellan plays, including Macchus Miles (Macchus the Soldier), Pytho Gorgonius, Pseudoagamemnon, Bucco Adoptatus, and Aeditumus.

12. According to the Homeric Hymn to Apollo, it was founded by a colony of Cretans, who were led to the spot by Apollo himself, and whom the god had chosen to be his priests in the sanctuary which he had intended to establish at Pytho.

13. In the Homeric hymn to Apollo, Crissa appears as a powerful place, possessing as its territory the rich plain stretching down to the sea, and also the adjoining sanctuary of Pytho itself, which had not yet become a separate town.

14. and the sanctuary of Pytho grew into the town of Delphi, which claimed to be independent of Crissa.

15. The priestess of the oracle at Delphi became known as the Pythia, after the place-name Pytho, which was named after the rotting (πύθειν) of the serpent's corpse after it was slain.

16. Pausanias and Strabo both quote the following oracle: "For thee it is the same thing to possess Delos or Kalaureia / most holy Pytho [Delphi] or windy Taenarum."

17. Pausanias relates that when Apollo came to Carmanor to be cleansed for the murder of Pytho, he mated with Acacallis (said to be a nymph in this particular version), and that from their union were born Phylacides and Phylander.

18. These oracles they from Apollo heard, And brought from Pytho home the perfect word;

19. In 1754, he won the Jockey Club Plate on Newmarket's Round Course against Pytho and Brilliant, and a 300 guineas match against Ginger.

20. and the sanctuary of Pytho grew into the town of Delphi, which claimed to be independent of Crissa.

21. IV. 282). At the end of the Okeanos Potamos, is the holy island of Alba (Leuke, Pytho Nisi, Isle of Snakes), sacred to the Pelasgian (and later, Greek) Apollo, greeting the sun rising in the east.

22. Now in the Olympic grove for nobler toils, by Isthmians once, and twice in Pytho crowned, a worthier hearth thy Fame has found by the warm waves of Himera, whose Nymphs by thee ennobled hail thy stay.

23. He is further said to have had a son, Pythis, who ruled over the country about Mount Parnassus, and from whom the oracle received the name of Pytho.

24. The reserve was established in 1989 and has an area of 3.45 km. The old-growth forest of Vändåt is a habitat for the highly endangered beetle Pytho kolwensis, in the genus Pytho and the family Pythidae.

25. Pytho seidlitzi is a species of dead log beetle in the family Pythidae.

26. Pytho is a genus of dead log beetles in the family Pythidae.

27. There are about nine described species in Pytho.

28. Pytho niger is a species of dead log beetle in the family Pythidae.

29. Pytho americanus is a species of dead log beetle in the family Pythidae.

30. It is mentioned in the Homeric Catalogue of Ships in the Iliad along with Pytho (Delphi).