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Prophecies in a sentence

1. No prophecies were issued during this time.

2. Prophecies are often spoken as quotes from God.

3. Fytte II is mostly devoted to prophecies.

4. his prophecies are incorrect.

5. The work ends with prophecies and praise.

6. Thus, all the prophecies are fulfilled.

7. "Black Prophecies" deals with Nostradamus.

8. They were the authors of the prophecies;

9. Status, D.Kay and Future Prophecies.

10. Comment on Certain Prophecies;

11. It also contains some prophecies.

12. Both prophecies were said to have come true.

13. Could the ancient prophecies be coming true?

14. The Hebrew Bible records two of his prophecies.

15. the visions and prophecies of the prophets;

16. the Paris Codex also includes katun-prophecies.

17. Thus, all the prophecies are fulfilled.

18. the other (they say) writes Prophecies."

19. Their "prophecies" were not well-received;

20. The prophecies have great impact upon Macbeth.

21. Messianic Prophecies;

22. that is, prophecies.

23. Prophezeiungen des Islam (Prophecies of Islam);

24. prophecies of Elijah, Micaiah, and Elisha.

25. But it is a new pack of prophecies of Zé".

26. Macbeth tells his wife of the prophecies.

27. Messianic Prophecies;

28. She is also known for her prophecies.

29. These take the form of riddle-like prophecies.

30. prophecies of Mayan.