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1 While the mines appear to be close to each other, each exploits a separate porphyry copper deposit.
2 Its heat reservoir is composed of Yanshanian granite - porphyry and tuff of Mesozoic.
3 Therefore, the characteristics of primary and primary overprint halo have some guide significance in metallogenic prediction of porphyry copper bodies in this area.
4 This paper studied the formation of the Yulong porphyry copper deposit controlled by the anticline trap structure and the distribution of the ore bodies.
5 silver couches were on the pavement, which was of porphyry, marble, mother-of-pearl, and colored stones.
6 new type of rocks such as the residuum of magnetite quartzite, trachyte porphyry, marble and sodaclase are found in the survey area.
7 The ore bodies are confined to Yanshanian metamorphosed rhyolite porphyry and felsite.
8 little attention is paid to this in our time is shown by certain extravagances of the large granite and porphyry manufactures in Sweden and Russia.
9 In many porphyry copper deposits, additional enrichment of the metal has been caused by surficial weathering.
10 There is a chamber in the palace that has eight walls of red porphyry, and a brass-scaled ceiling hung with lamps.
11 The most common approach to extracting metal-bearing ore from a porphyry copper deposit is by open-pit mining, although such mines also typically include some underground activities.
12 Arizona is the United States' largest source of copper, primarily mined from a type of ore body known as porphyry copper deposits.
13 local porphyry emerging from washing concrete harmonizes the hue of the wall with the natural environment of the context.
14 Emphasis should be put on alkali rich porphyry outcropping area in the east of Bengge to explore the gold deposit of Himalaya epoch.
15 formation of the gold deposits is closely related to the alkali rich porphyry in time and space.
16 Germanium can be concentrated in silicate ore deposit, sulfide ore deposit and coal, and partly in porphyry and carbonate, therefore it has good industrial development future.
17 believed that there is a second mineralization location and new mineralization type in the depth of the mine with molybdenum (gold) polymetallic ore potential of porphyry series.
18 A desert of eastern Egypt between the Nile Valley and the Red Sea. Porphyry, granite, and sandstone found here have been used as building materials since ancient times.
19 intrusion of subvolcanic rocks and long term hydrothermal activity led to formation of the porphyry related copper deposits in the extensional dominated accommodation Spaces.
20 Wenquan molybdenum deposit is a porphyry type mineral deposit related with Indosinian granite.
21 Tangjiaping molybdenum is a typical porphyry type molybdenum deposit.
22 The diabase, lamprophyre, granite porphyry and quartz veins are formed after Variscan period.
23 are three genetic types of mineralized breccia related to porphyry deposits in China, i. e. explosive, intrusive and volcanic breccia.
24 They are mainly distributed along the alkali rich porphyry belt of Jinshajiang Ailaoshan area in western Yunnan.
25 It is a porphyry copper-silver-tin deposit that occurs in the transitional crust and was formed by derivatives of the lower crustal-upper mantle transitional magma.
26 Based on fluid inclusion study, this paper made further discussions on the source of ore-forming materials and ore genesis of the Dexing porphyry copper deposit, Jiangxi Province.
27 effects of magnetic treatment on flotation behavior of primary porphyry copper-sulphide ore and high sulphur secondary copper-sulphide ore were investigated.
28 the south of the porphyry copper belt is the well-known Kanggurtag gold belt, and further south is the Xingxingxia silver belt.
29 Nanliang complex is mainly composed of porphyritic granite, granophyre, rhyolite - porphyry and rhyolitic agmatite-lava.
30 The Yefushan rock mass is mainly composed of quartz syenite porphyry.