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Pomponius Mela in a sentence

1. This tale was also mentioned by Pomponius Mela.

2. Pomponius Mela, who wrote around AD 43, was the earliest Roman geographer.

3. The mid-first century Roman geographer Pomponius Mela placed Thule north of Scythia.

4. This tale was later also mentioned by Pomponius Mela.

5. Pomponius Mela wrote that Achilles was buried there.

6. Pomponius Mela says it was between Adramyttium and Cisthene.

7. Strabo, Pomponius Mela and Lycophron wrote that it was inhabited by Colchians.

8. Neuri were mention by Roman geographer Pomponius Mela.

9. 41.49; Pomponius Mela 2.56; Pliny Natural History 3.145;

10. for its name is found in Pomponius Mela who does not notice any extinct places;

11. Pomponius Mela stated that all the populi were Celtic, excepting for the Grovii.

12. The islands are described by Pomponius Mela as rich in lead;

13. and Pomponius Mela (i.13) also states that the town is situated close upon the river;

14. Lisbon's name was written Ulyssippo in Latin by the geographer Pomponius Mela.

15. It is mentioned by the Roman geographer Pomponius Mela.

16. Pomponius Mela says that it grew on the coast between the River Strymon and Athos.

17. Pomponius Mela (d. 45 AD) mentions it (Sars) in De situ orbis libri III.

18. The first book Tory is known to have worked on is the Pomponius Mela, in 1508.

19. Several later writers mention the city, including Pliny the Elder and Pomponius Mela.

20. Pomponius Mela placed them within the Arctic Circle.

21. 1), Pomponius Mela (De situ orbis libri III.

22. Pomponius Mela speaks merely of a promontorium Crya.

23. For Pliny the Elder and Pomponius Mela, Syria covered the entire Fertile Crescent.

24. Pomponius Mela considered the Ilienses as the oldest people of the island.

25. Pomponius Mela called it one of the principal cities of the Tarraconensis province.

26. The form Pteleos is used by Lucan and Pomponius Mela.

27. It is also mentioned by Pomponius Mela, Pliny the Elder, Ptolemy, and Hierocles.

28. Pomponius Mela refers to the town as Portus Schoenitas.

29. Finally, Pomponius Mela mentions a Bubassius Sinus.

30. for there is no doubt about the position of the Astyra of Strabo and Pomponius Mela.