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Pleurodelinae in a sentence

1. The family Salamandridae includes the true salamanders and the name "newt" is given to members of its subfamily Pleurodelinae.

2. Cladograms based on the work of Pyron and Wiens (2011) and modified using Mikko Haaramo The genus Salamandrina is the only member of the subfamily Salamandrininae, and the genera Chioglossa, Lyciasalamandra, Mertensiella, and Salamandra are grouped in the subfamily Salamandrinae, with sixteen other genera comprising the subfamily Pleurodelinae.

3. A newt is a salamander in the subfamily Pleurodelinae.

4. The systematic name Tritones was introduced alongside Pleurodelinae by Tschudi in 1838, based on the type genus named Triton by Laurenti in 1768.

5. Tschudi's Pleurodelinae is based on the type genus Pleurodeles (ribbed newt) named by Michahelles in 1830 (the name meaning "having prominent ribs," formed from πλευρά "ribs" and δῆλος "conspicuous").

6. Several fossil salamanders have also been referred to the Pleurodelinae, including: The heart of newts, like that of most amphibians, consists of two atria and one ventricle.

7. Their exact phylogenetic placement within the newts (subfamily Pleurodelinae) is still uncertain.