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No. sentence
1 on weekend nights, when the group slept over, they turned out all the lights, picked teams, and played a game with plastic pistols and flashlights.
2 We challenge each other to do pistols (one-legged squats) or handstand pushups (what they sound like). Mostly we can't, but it's fun.
3 long, black hair to his Tricorn hat, braided beard and bandolier packing six pistols, Blackbeard the pirate was certainly inventive with his image.
4 of duelling pistols were crafted for the wealthiest of noblemen.
5 The relatively small recoil, compared to that of heavier Russian pistols, made the task far easier on the executioner's wrist, an essential requisite for a killer with so many men to despatch.
6 the Pope and the city's rulers joined forces to kick the Dominicans out, but they returned "carrying pistols, knives and sticks under their habits".
7 They hold the crews hostage with machine-guns and semi-automatic pistols, then force the captain to anchor off the northern part of Somalia’s coast for several weeks until a ransom is paid.
8 Chaos ensued, but 10 police special forces armed with pistols and machine guns were slow to enter the bus, despite smashing the Windows with sledgehammers and firing shots into the air.
9 Sure, some were attracted to the fresh, raw power of punk and the "do it yourself" ethos that came with it, but others thought the Pistols sounded like rubbish and thought they could do better.
10 Marius hid the pistols in his trousers pockets.
11 his reach his pistols and carbine, and Ali, standing near him, held one of the small Arabian hatchets, whose form has not varied since the Crusades.
12 don weekend nights, when the group slept over, they turned out all the lights, picked teams, and played a game with plastic pistols and flashlights.
13 This is a country rife with machismo, but this kind of macho in the Americans, only with pistols that bearded, Xie Zhaoyan proudly display their love of the man's image.
14 You can use water pistols to make the 'battle' a bit fancy, but water bottles also work just fine.
15 These were pistols of an especial pattern which monte cristo had had made for target practice in his own room.
16 In the terrible pain and surprise of the moment, both my pistols went off and fell from my hands.
17 According to eyewitnesses the gunmen drove up to the checkpoint in a white car and opened fire with pistols. The ensuing gun battle lasted several minutes.
18 Revolvers shall be presented with the cylinder swung out and empty. Self-loading pistols shall be presented with the magazine removed, the chamber empty, and the slide held or locked back.
19 Oh, M. Beauchamp, if you assure me that M. de Morcerf does not know these pistols, you may readily believe that your word will be quite sufficient.
20 Mr. Hands, " he said, "here are two of us with a brace of pistols each.
21 Not even Black Sun Vigos were safe from his dual blaster pistols.
22 Mauser pistols can only be seen in films nowadays.
23 Anarchism became associated with punk subculture as exemplified by bands such as Crass and the Sex Pistols.
24 Rifles and pistols require a license.
25 Even earlier in life he had such worries and kept a sword and loaded pistols near his bed to defend himself from thieves.
26 He was deemed insane and was institutionalized at the Government Hospital for the Insane in Washington, D.C. Afterwards, the pistols were tested and retested.
27 However, there were several examples of gunmen in the West who actually used two pistols at the same time in their gunfights: Dual wielding two handguns was said to have been popularized by the passion of film and television.
28 During the 1980s, Atlanta had an active punk rock scene centered on two of the city's music venues, 688 Club and the Metroplex, and Atlanta famously played host to the Sex Pistols' first U.S. show, which was performed at the Great Southeastern Music Hall.
29 Beryllium-copper alloys were also applied as a hardening agent in "Jason pistols", which were used to strip the paint from the hulls of ships.
30 Bulgaria has a military stockpile of about 5,000,000 small arms, models ranging from World War II-era MP 40 machine pistols to modern Steyr AUG, AK-74, HK MP5, HK416 and AR-M12F assault rifles.