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Pindar in a sentence

1. Karnaprayag, where the Pindar joins;

2. He translated Pindar and Aeschylus into German.

3. A bust of Pindar.

4. Pindar Nemean 4.43).

5. Pindar lived to about eighty years of age.

6. Pindar worked on lyric poetry.

7. Op. 57-8) and Pindar (Triph.

8. Pindar characterizes them as notably brave.

9. Pindar's ninth Olympian ode concerns Opus.

10. In 2014 Pindar stepped down as chief executive.

11. He also wrote under the pseudonym Paul Pindar.

12. He also rendered Pindar and Hesiod into Scots.

13. He was known as "the Polish Pindar."

14. Pindar (in Athen.

15. North attended the nearby George Pindar School.

16. Pindar frequently identifies it with Olympia;

17. L.R. over the connection at Pindar Oaks.

18. Peter Pindar may refer to:

19. Pindar dedicates two Olympian odes, 2 &

20. Pindar was knighted by James I in 1623.

21. "Pindar and Eminescu's Idea of the Motherland").

22. Confluence of Alaknanda and Pindar from bottom.

23. Pindar the poet honored the god with a hymn.

24. Pindar the poet honoured the god with a hymn.

25. Pindar is (Pindaros), the ancient Greek poet.

26. Pindar may refer to:

27. According to the scholiast on Pindar (Ol. xiii.

28. Pindar Team of the Year: Arsenal Ladies.

29. Pindar's new job created a bit of a controversy;

30. It was noted as the birthplace of Pindar.