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No. sentence
1 Several of the Russian officers clambered up on to the wall of the burnt house by which Pierre stood so as to get a better view.
2 PIERRE got out of his carriage, and passing by the toiling peasants, clambered up the Knoll from which the doctor had told him he could get a view of the field of battle.
3 During quizzes, Dr. St. Pierre now requires everyone to leave their books at the front of the classroom to prevent cheating, a precaution not taken during any of his two decades at Delaware.
4 Pierre knew this, but instead of acting, he only brooded over his enterprise, going over all the minutest details of it.
5 Weber, a Swiss-Canadian explorer who devised this extravaganza, hopes it will put him on a par with Pierre DE Coubertin, the Frenchman who revived the Olympics.
6 it seems contrive that Mathieu should reach out for his boyfriend's ex, it is not hard to understand what draws him to Pierre.
7 The next shock could be the failure of a hedge fund with a big swap book, given the spike in redemptions and margin calls many funds face, thinks Pierre Pourquery of the Boston Consulting Group.
8 Better, says Pierre Goldschmidt, an ex-head of safeguards at the IAEA, to end all favouritism.
9 A University of Waterloo report entitled, "Louis, Lester and Pierre: Three Protocols for Location Privacy" provides a deeper look at identity masking techniques.eff_privacy_aug09a.jpg
10 Also among the crowd was French nun, Sister Marie-Simon Pierre, who says she was miraculously cured from Parkinson's disease after praying to the late Pope.
11 He particularly loved visiting the ile Saint Pierre, where he used to enjoy going for exploratory walks when the weather was fine and he could indulge in the great passion of his last years: botany.
12 Becquerel handed the phenomenon off to his student Marie Curie and her husband Pierre.
13 the authors, from the University Pierre and Marie Curie in France, said that the results demonstrated the benefits of staying keep fit and healthy as we age.
14 His name was Pierre Curie; famous in the scientific community for his work on magnetism, and inventions of scientific instruments of fine precision.
15 The industrious student caught the eye of Pierre Curie, director of the laboratories where Marie worked.
16 The DisC jockey, a young separatist named Pierre Brassard, has made his name with such hoaxes.
17 St Pierre et Miquelon aren't France's only contribution to the fascinating world of geopolitical farce.
18 famous French impressionist painter Pierre - Auguste Renoir 's painting "Nude" in Rome, Italy in a news conference to display.
19 of attraction was Pierre Auguste Renoir's oil painting.
20 Charles DE Gaulle summoned him in 1945, after giving him the Croix DE Guerre for a brave, clandestine war, to have an appreciative word; abbe Pierre lectured him on the lack of milk for babies.
21 ICRC Operations, Pierre Kraehenbuehl, called it a full blown humanitarian crisis.
22 Ordinary Afghans were now more at risk from the fighting than at any time since the start of the war in 2001, said Pierre Kraehenbuehl, director of operations for the ICRC.
23 Abbe Pierre became a thorn in the side of successive French governments, and a year before he died was still lobbying for a law establishing the right to lodging.
24 Pierre went hunting like a small boy for what the pool might contain: dragonflies, tritons, salamanders.
25 Gypsy Dancing," a dim sepia 1901 photograph by the painter Pierre Bonnard - remarkable just because of who took the picture - catches the easy arc of a dancer's arm.
26 According to Pierre Hurstel, Ernst &Young's global managing partner for people, new entrants want to work abroad: that's the biggest change in recruits in the past five years, he says.
27 Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier were both sons of a successful paper manufacturer, Pierre Montgolfier.
28 In 1865, Pierre Paul Broca pinpointed the part of the brain responsible for language by autopsying brains of the language-impaired-the region is now called Broca's area.
29 Mr Pierre gives us a cast of Stoic Berliners as a counterpoint to this decadence.
30 Later that day, USC computer scientist Pierre Johnson invited me to observe Bandit perform a mirroring game similar to the ones used by human therapists.