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Phoenician in a sentence

1. Tipasa, a Phoenician and later Roman town;

2. It was derived from the Phoenician letter Yodh.

3. Phoenician Expedition).

4. seven by a Phoenician woman;

5. the Phoenician cities (such as Tyre and Sidon);

6. Phoenician Stadium north of Amrit, Syria.

7. Greek by name but of Phoenician origin.

8. The pillars show Phoenician influence.

9. 20 lepta coin, Phoenician subdivision, 1831.

10. Samekh (Phoenician sāmek ?‎

11. Ug. Ugaritic; Pp. Phoenician;

12. Barthélémy Phoenician coins.

13. ten Phoenician;

14. There are Phoenician tombs nearby.

15. Berja may have Phoenician or Iberian origins;

16. The origin of the castle could be Phoenician.

17. Euripides’ Phoenician Women, (2009);

18. the Phoenician Tyre and Sidon;

19. It is of Phoenician origin.

20. Phoenician inscriptions have been found there.

21. Lee Timber who renamed her Phoenician Star.

22. Phoenician may refer to:

23. Phoenician Stadium, Amrit in 2006.

24. Tipasa, a Phoenician and later Roman town;

25. Sarepta was an ancient Phoenician city.

26. "The Phoenician Plain" by Canon Tristram;

27. and Ralph Nader, "Greco-Phoenician saint".

28. The cult was likely of Phoenician origin.

29. Epigeus was named after the Phoenician god;

30. Phoenician inscription, late 11th century BC.