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1 Peter Marshall states that "[i]n general anarchism is closer to socialism than liberalism.
2 Tucker thought that unregulated banking and money issuance would cause increases in the money supply so that interest rates would drop to zero or near to it. Peter Marshall states that "anarcho-capitalism overlooks the egalitarian implications of traditional individualist anarchists like Spooner and Tucker".
3 Peter Marshall also states that the anarcho-capitalist definition of freedom is entirely negative and that it cannot guarantee the positive freedom of individual autonomy and independence.
4 Hypnotherapy expert Dr. Peter Marshall, former Principal of the London School of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Ltd.
5 Nonetheless, Peter Marshall states that "the egalitarian implications of traditional individualist anarchists" such as Tucker and Lysander Spooner have been overlooked.
6 Similarly, Peter Marshall includes "the decentralist who wishes to limit and devolve State power, to the syndicalist who wants to abolish it altogether.
7 Peter Marshall argues that "[i]n general anarchism is closer to socialism than liberalism.
8 A more recent study, William Blake: Visionary Anarchist by Peter Marshall (1988), classified Blake and his contemporary William Godwin as forerunners of modern anarchism.
9 He initially declined, but changed his mind when told he would receive co-star billing with host Peter Marshall.
10 Peter Marshall and Kaye Ballard confirmed that Lynde, when inebriated, was quite cruel and would sometimes ridicule his friends.
11 In any case, as original host Peter Marshall explained at the beginning of the Secret Square game, the celebrities were briefed prior to the show to help them with bluff answers, but they otherwise heard the actual questions for the first time as they were asked on air.
12 NBC acquired the rights to the show, which debuted on October 17, 1966, with Peter Marshall as host, a job he held for 15 years.
13 The 60-minute program was dubbed The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour and debuted on October 31, 1983 at 3 PM Eastern, coincidentally replacing the Peter Marshall-hosted series Fantasy.
14 Ellen DeGeneres, Alec Baldwin, and Simon Cowell were among those who played center square as was Peter Marshall, who appeared during a special theme week in 2002.
15 Ideal issued a version of the game in 1974 with a picture of Peter Marshall on the box.
16 A CD of the album was included in Peter Marshall's 2002 book Backstage with the Original Hollywood Square.
17 According to Peter Marshall, "[i]t is difficult not to conclude that Bakunin's invisible dictatorship would be even more tyrannical than a Blanquist or Marxist one, for its policies could not be openly known or discussed."
18 Peter Marshall added the twist to Barker's original creation, which saw success throughout the 19th and into the 20th century.
19 In the 1970s, Gobel was a regular panelist on the television game show Hollywood Squares hosted by Peter Marshall.
20 Todd's career received a boost when 20th Century-Fox signed him to a non-exclusive contract and cast him as the United States Senate Chaplain Peter Marshall in the film version of Catherine Marshall's best selling biography A Man Called Peter (1955), which was a popular success.
21 On the January 23, 1976 episode of Hollywood Squares, Big Bird was asked what kind of bird he is and said he was a lark, causing host Peter Marshall to crack up. In the film Don't Eat the Pictures, Osiris calls Big Bird an ibis.
22 As with Mr. Hooper, Big Bird frequently mispronounced host Peter Marshall's name, calling him "Mr. Marshmallow" or "Mr. Masher".
23 Other recurring guest stars in the fifth season include Nick Bakay (for The Dirty Dozens sketches) and Peter Marshall (for several editions of East Hollywood Squares).
24 A temporary "American TV Game Show Hall of Fame" opened and closed on site in conjunction with the show, inducting Peter Marshall, Hugh Downs, Wink Martindale, and Monty Hall.
25 Other historians (Paul Avrich, Peter Marshall) seem to adopt the narrative that Makhno had drinking issues.
26 She had two stepchildren by the marriage, Peter Marshall and Helen Huntington Marshall.
27 the second featured game show hosts Monty Hall, Peter Marshall, Wink Martindale and their wives.
28 Dr Peter Marshall obtained his doctorate in 1995, for research carried out in this field in the years from 1986.
29 In London, the musical opened in the West End at Her Majesty's Theatre in June 1961, with Peter Marshall as Albert, Rivera reprising her role as Rosie, Angela Baddeley as Mae and Marty Wilde as Conrad Birdie.
30 (Cox's Hollywood Squares colleague, former Hollywood Squares "square-master" Peter Marshall, recalled in his memoir, Backstage With The Original Hollywood Square, that Cox installed and maintained all the wiring in his own home.) While he mostly maintained a meek onscreen persona, TV viewers did get to see a glimpse of Cox's physicality on an episode of I've Got a Secret transmitted on May 11, 1960, in which he and host Garry Moore ran around on stage assembling furniture while the panel was blindfolded.