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Pergamos in a sentence

1. Aeneas was then taken to Pergamos, a sacred spot in Troy, where he was healed.

2. Aphrodite and Apollo rescue Aeneas from combat with Diomedes of Argos, who nearly kills him, and carry him away to Pergamos for healing.

3. Schliemann and his team unearthed a large feature he dubbed the Scaean Gate, a western gate unlike the three previously found leading to the Pergamos.

4. and the church in Pergamos is rebuked: "So thou hast also some [worshiping in their midst] who hold the teaching of the Nicolaites".

5. The communities of Melouseia, Tremetousia and Arsos lie in the occupied zone, while the municipal/community areas of Athienou, Troulloi and Pergamos are partially occupied.

6. Some northern parts of the present District were at that time included in Famagusta District, namely Arsos, Athienou, Melousia, Troulli, Tremetousia and Pergamos.

7. It is located in the middle of Makrasyka, Achna, Ormidia, Dhekelia, Pyla, and Pergamos.

8. It was an ancient Aeolian port-town, called Kydonies (Greek: Κυδωνίες) and it served surrounding Greek Aeolian cities, such as Pergamos;

9. Doom seems inevitable, but then they learn that reinforcements, commanded by Mithridates of Pergamos have engaged the Egyptian army.

10. Pergamus (or Pergamos) is also the name of the citadel of Troy in Homer's Iliad.

11. At Pergamos, the Turkish irregulars who retook the city murdered the Turkish inhabitants who welcomed the Greeks and also massacred and tortured all the Greek soldiers who were prisoners.

12. The Greek torpedo boat Pergamos (Greek: TA Πέργαμος) served in the Royal Hellenic Navy from 1919–1941.

13. Pergamos served in the Hellenic navy from 1919 until she was sunk during the German invasion of Greece on April 25, 1941.

14. Pergamos is under the de facto control of Northern Cyprus.

15. Pergamos was actually called Pergama and is visible on a map which was published by Jacomo Franco in Venice 1570.

16. Pergamos had a population of 87 in 1881 (first British census).

17. Some Turkish Cypriots who were displaced to Pergamos during the 1960s have remained since in the village.

18. Pergamos is the site of a Green Line crossing checkpoint.

19. Pergamos is twinned with:

20. SBACI officers monitor two crossing points at Pergamos and Strovilia in the Eastern Sovereign Base Area at the Green Line Border between the Republic of Cyprus and North Cyprus.

21. Operated under the management of Pergamos Shipping Co Ltd.

22. South Mesaoria Social Facility for Kontea and Pergamos is constructed by the help of European Union.

23. It is one of only four villages in the district under the de facto control of Northern Cyprus, the other three being Arsos, Melouseia and Pergamos.

24. It is one of four villages in the district under the de facto control of Northern Cyprus, the other three being Arsos, Pergamos and Tremetousia.

25. She was operated under the management of Pergamos Shipping Co Ltd.

26. It is endemic to Cyprus where it occurs around Nicosia (Athalassa) and the area Pergamos-Troulli.

27. The triumph of Stephanos Pergamos was approved by the Emperor at the last moment and Dawson argued that rushed production could explain the coarse finish and spelling errors;

28. if it was given to Pergamos, the lower quality and relative plainness of the piece are explicable.

29. Alternatively it may have escaped Byzantium in the wake of the downfall of Pergamos.

30. Pergamus or Pergamos (Ancient Greek: Πέργαμος), or Pergamia or Pergamea, was a town of ancient Crete, to which a mythical origin was ascribed.