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Pebble Mine in a sentence

1. The proposed Pebble Mine site is located near Newhalen.

2. Among the issues affecting the village at the start of the 21st century is the proposed Pebble Mine site in the vicinity of nearby Lake Iliamna.

3. On August 19, 1919, Prairie Pebble Mine guards shot and killed two black citizens, including a two-year-old boy.

4. The Pebble Mine is proposed to mine molybdenum, gold and copper from an open pit about 2 miles (3.2 km) across and thousands of feet deep.

5. The Nushagak River is downstream of the proposed Pebble Mine, whose tailings storage lake would sit at the headwaters of the Koktuli River, one of the Nushagak's tributaries.

6. The Kvichak River is part of the watershed downstream of the proposed Pebble Mine.

7. Opponents of the Pebble Mine created Ballot Measure 4 to impose additional water quality standards on new large-scale mines in the state.

8. However, there is a proposal to build a large copper/gold mine, the Pebble Mine, in the watershed of one of the Mulchatna tributaries, the Koktuli River.

9. Nushagak Bay is downstream of the proposed Pebble Mine, whose tailings storage lake would sit at the headwaters of the Koktuli River, one of the Nushagak River's tributaries.

10. These include the proposed Pebble Mine, which would put a large open pit gold and copper mine at the headwaters of the Nushagak and Kvichak rivers in the Bristol Bay watershed.

11. Pruitt has agreed to allow permitting to proceed for the Pebble Mine on Bristol Bay.

12. Carroll was nicknamed by Grist Magazine as "Cyanide Cynthia, world's biggest Scrooge" for her role in the Pebble Mine project in Alaska.

13. The Grist magazine nickname was later discussed in a Fast Company magazine article that profiled Carroll’s initiatives surrounding the Pebble Mine project.

14. Pebble Mine is the common name of a very large porphyry copper, gold, and molybdenum mineral deposit in the Bristol Bay region of Southwest Alaska, near Lake Iliamna and Lake Clark.

15. With this news, Anglo American, one of the first and major investors of the Pebble Mine, pulled out its investment in the project.

16. The controversy over the proposed Pebble mine centers largely on the potential risk to the watershed, salmon and other fisheries.

17. A steady stream of electoral, legislative, and legal challenges to possible future Pebble mine development are lodged in Alaska.

18. Multiple UK jewelers pledged not to buy gold from the Pebble mine if it is built, joining several American jewellery retailers and manufacturers who had done the same in 2008.

19. In July 2017, the EPA sought comments on a proposal to withdraw its objections to the Pebble Mine based on the 1974 Clean Water Act.

20. In February 2018, the EPA changed plans to withdraw restrictions on the Pebble Mine on the basis of the Clean Water Act.

21. In recent years, for example, Trout Unlimited has publicly opposed a large-scale proposed mine (Pebble Mine) in Alaska's Bristol Bay.

22. The Pebble Mine is a proposed copper-gold-molybdenum mine.

23. The Pebble Mine is a finite resource which will employ 5,500 people and bring $200 million in tax revenue a year to the state.

24. In Alaska, the Pebble Mine proposal was opposed for endangering commercial fishing, and supported for creating jobs.

25. They hoped that Native Corporations from around Alaska would work together to approve the initiative and oppose Pebble Mine.

26. In August 2020, Ayers and Donald Trump Jr. sought to block the Pebble mine project in Alaska.

27. He spent $30 million opposing the proposed Pebble Mine, which would have been close to his Lake Clark fishing lodge.

28. Arnold is a vocal opponent to the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska.

29. Hammond was a vocal opponent of the proposed Pebble Mine in the Bristol Bay region of Southwest Alaska.

30. The snowcapped peaks are Mount Griggs and (far right), part of an active system of ten volcanoes surrounding the valley, a hundred miles south of the proposed Pebble mine.