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Patrecia in a sentence

1. In 1964, Nathaniel Branden began an affair with the young actress Patrecia Scott, whom he later married.

2. Branden then met and fell in love with a young model, Patrecia Scott (née Gullison).

3. Despite Rand's romantic involvement with Nathaniel, her close intellectual collaboration with him, and her strong public endorsements of him, both Brandens kept Nathaniel's affair with Patrecia secret from Rand, fearing her reaction.

4. Branden at this point moved to California with Patrecia;

5. In March 1977, Patrecia died in a freak drowning accident, falling into a pool after presumably suffering a mild epileptic seizure.

6. In 1968, when Rand terminated her association with Nathaniel Branden after she discovered that he had become involved with actress Patrecia Scott more than four years earlier, she likewise disassociated herself from Barbara Branden for keeping this fact from her.

7. Patrecia Scott (January 23, 1940 — March 31, 1977) was a Canadian-born American model as well as television and stage actress who was married to Nathaniel Branden from 1969 until her death in 1977.

8. Born Patrecia Gullison, she started attending, in 1961, talks by psychologist and lecturer on Objectivist philosophy, Nathaniel Branden who was also born in Canada.

9. Having used the name Patrecia Scott for modeling and acting assignments, she divorced Scott in 1966 and sought Rand's advice regarding a new professional name.

10. Her new stage name thus became Patrecia Wynand.

11. Pat, Patrecia or Patricia Scott may refer to: