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No. sentence
1 First she goes to Paris and then to London.
2 He hopped to and fro between London and Paris for the business.
3 The murderer was traced to Paris.
4 he was stabbed to death in a traffic jam in Paris when his carriage gets blocked in the center of Paris, and this mad monk sticks a big knife into him.
5 He made the comment Wednesday during a visit to Paris.
6 So the link between a hamburger eaten in Paris and a tree felled in Brazil is indirect.
7 Paris was still the centre of the art world in the first half of the 20th century, so Egyptian artists naturally looked to France for both scholarship and patronage.
8 Out of control, the plane slammed into the woods northeast of Paris.
9 He found a temporary lodgment in Paris.
10 In 2008, they built a "nest" of branches on the balcony of the Russian pavilion at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice and have exhibited in Paris and Luxembourg.
11 The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Parthenon in Greece, the downtown police station in Venice.
12 Intrepid rally-drivers meet in Beijing for the start of the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge.
13 They decided to locate a branch in Paris.
14 I used this to get from Calais to an address in Paris without any problems.
15 tables and chairs are still in the Elysee Palace in Paris and his sofas, bookcase and desk adorn other rooms.
16 Paris in spring is like an outdoor exhibition of French cuisine.
17 Two weeks have lapsed since they arrived in Paris.
18 I've long thought of Paris as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
19 December 1667, six months after he injected lamb's blood into his teenage patient, he made two separate transfusions of a calf's blood into Antoine Mauroy, a notorious madman in Paris.
20 PARIS - the British Parliament on Thursday approved plans to crack down on digital media piracy by authorizing the suspension of repeat offenders' Internet connections.
21 Dear Editor, I live in Paris, France.
22 PARIS (Reuters) - A lavish wedding where newly-weds were sprinkled with shredded euro-note confetti has provoked outrage in a French town, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.
23 He was quartered at the embassy when he arrived in Paris.
24 I hoped to have seen you in Paris last week.
25 Over the past two weeks, from Milan to Paris, that mysterious telepathy has been signalling skintight underpants that reach to the ankle.
26 They rambled the streets of Paris.
27 True, Paris did see jobs migrate to New York and London after NYSE's takeover of Euronext in 2007, but the centre of gravity was moving to bigger centers anyway.
28 Who could ever have imagined anything like that sort of sepulchre in the midst of Paris!
29 An observing urchin and a rogue, he made a potpourri of the voices of nature and the voices of Paris.
30 At exactly 3:15 p.m. New York time - a precise 24 hours after having been fed in Paris - the bees swarmed out of their hive.