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Palaungic in a sentence

1. Blench suggest that Khasic may have been an early offshoot of Palaungic that had spread westward.

2. The Wa language forms a language group belonging to the Palaungic branch of the Austroasiatic language family.

3. Within Austroasiatic, Khmu is often cited as being most closely related to the Palaungic and Khasic languages.

4. Paul Sidwell (2011) suggests that Khasian is closely related to Palaungic, forming a Khasi–Palaungic branch.

5. The following eight Khasian-Palaungic isoglosses have been identified by Sidwell (2018: 32).

6. The nearly thirty Palaungic or Palaung–Wa languages form a branch of the Austroasiatic languages.

7. The Palaungic family includes at least three branches, with the position of some languages as yet unclear.

8. Sidwell (2014) proposes an additional branch, consisting of: Sidwell (2015:12) provides a revised classification of Palaungic.

9. Bit–Khang is clearly Palaungic, but contains many Khmuic loanwords.

10. Sidwell (2015:12) believes it likely groups within East Palaungic.

11. On the other hand, Sidwell (2015) considers Danaw to be the most divergent Palaungic language.

12. The Khmuic languages are: There is some disagreement over whether Bit is Khmuic or Palaungic;

13. The recently discovered Bumang language is also likely a Khmuic or Palaungic language.

14. They are a Palaungic ethnic group.

15. Their language is called Shwe, a language variant that is only partially intelligible by other Palaungic language speakers.

16. The Khabit name for Khmu is ta mɔi. Paul Sidwell (2014) and Svantesson (1990) classify Bit as Palaungic.

17. It may be or Mangic according to Li Yunbing (2005), or Palaungic.

18. It is classified as an Austroasiatic language in the Palaungic branch.

19. Palaungic Blang · Lamet · Lawa · Mok · Palaung (De'ang)

20. However, Gérard Diffloth classifies Pakanic as Northern Mon–Khmer, making it most closely related to the Palaungic branch.

21. Riang is a Palaungic language of Burma and China.

22. It is the most divergent member of the Palaungic branch (Sidwell 2010).

23. Paul Sidwell (2014) classifies Khang as Palaungic, although Jerold Edmondson (2010) suggests it is Khmuic.

24. Other possible affiliations include Palaungic and Khmuic.

25. Kiorr (Kha Kior) is a Palaungic language of Luang Namtha Province, Laos.

26. Proto-Palaungic reconstructions are from Sidwell (2015).

27. Proto-Palaungic is the reconstructed proto-language of the Palaungic languages of mainland Southeast Asia.

28. The following list of Proto-Palaungic reconstructions, organized by semantic category, is from Sidwell (2015: 100-111).

29. Sidwell (2015:112-113) lists the following Proto-Palaungic forms as having diffused from Palaungic into Khmuic.

30. Sidwell (2015:113) lists the following Proto-Palaungic forms as having diffused from Khmuic into Palaungic.