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Paeon in a sentence

1. Homer illustrated Paeon the god and the song both of apotropaic thanksgiving or triumph.

2. "Paeon" was also the name of a divine physician and an epithet ("byname") of Apollo.

3. In Homer, Paeon was the Greek physician of the gods.

4. In time Paeon (or Paean) became an epithet ("byname") of Apollo as a god capable of bringing disease and propitiated as a god of healing.

5. Hesiod identifies Paeon as a separate god, and in later poetry Paeon is invoked independently as a health god.

6. Alternately, he was called son of Paeon and grandson of Ares.

7. An ancient cult of Aphrodite-Ariadne was observed at Amathus, Cyprus, according to the obscure Hellenistic mythographer Paeon of Amathus;

8. Minyas was married to either Euryanassa, Euryale, Tritogeneia (daughter of Aeolus), Clytodora, or Phanosyra (daughter of Paeon).

9. With the Greek god Poseidon, Helle was the mother of the giant Almops and Paeon (called Edonus in some accounts).

10. Autareius had a son Pannonius or Paeon and these had sons Scordiscus and Triballus.

11. In Greek mythology, the Paeonians were said to have derived their name from Paeon the son of Endymion.

12. Astronoë then named the youth Paeon 'Healer', restored him to life from the warmth of her body, and changed him into a god.

13. He fled to Athens, along with other of the expelled Neleidae, Alcmaeon and the sons of Paeon.

14. She was also, in some traditions, the mother of Aetolus, Paeon, Epeius and Eurycyda by Endymion.

15. Ares is taken up to Olympus in a hurry, where Paeon applies medicine (Ancient Greek: φάρμακα) that produces an instant relief.

16. Hades too had a similar medical treatment by Paeon when he was shot with an arrow by Heracles.

17. Later, Paeon becomes an epithet of Asclepius, the healer-god.

18. His brothers were Paeon, Epeius, and others.

19. He is a Paeonian warrior, the son of Paeon and Cleomede and the companion of Asteropaios, fighting for the Trojan side.

20. He was the brother of Paeon (called "Edonus" in some accounts).

21. The genus name Paeonia derives from the name Paeon.

22. In Greek mythology, Paeon was a disciple of the god of medicine, Ascleplus.

23. Paean, Paeeon, Paeëon, Paeon, Paian, Paieon, or Paion (from the Ancient Greek Παιάν, Παιήων, or Παιών) may refer to:

24. In prosody a paeon (or paean) is a metrical foot used in both poetry and prose.

25. Depending on the position of the long syllable, the four paeons are called a first, second, third, or fourth paeon.

26. Plutarch recounts a story he attributes to Paeon concerning Theseus and Ariadne.

27. Paeon of Amathus, quoted by Theophrastus, who said that the Cypriot goddess could take the shape of a man.

28. He was the son of Paeon and brother of Laophoon.

29. In Greek mythology, Paeon or Paion (Ancient Greek: Παίων, gen.: Παίονος) was the son of Antilochus, and a lord of Messenia.

30. Her brothers were Aetolus, Epeius and Paeon.