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1 They understand the data far better than we do, so a little bit of effective collaboration with them can dramatically reduce overall development costs.
2 sentiments towards the Irish and by the Irish seem to be positive, overall.
3 Customers tell us that one of their biggest challenges is the management of the overall build process and the ability to allow developers and testers to check-in code on a continuous basis.
4 Since 2005, ProCurve has consistently been growing faster than the overall networking market and has been nibbling away market share from Cisco.
5 Teams from local health authorities, the Ministry of health, and WHO are currently in the three hamlets investigating these cases and assessing the overall situation.
6 Scientists have struggled to find ways to treat autoimmune disease without compromising overall immunity.
7 Setting security plays an important part in your GRUB configuration; setting a password and using MD5 encryption pays dividends to your overall system security.
8 But the overall church in Rome is by now apparently Gentile and when Paul writes Romans he directs his rhetoric to Gentiles.
9 So, if you look at the overall system development plan, you find the RUP sequence of phases, then looking "inside" you find a number of RUP evolutions or lifecycles, one for each subsystem.
10 You can see that choosing the right tool for your job can dramatically impact you and your team's overall productivity.
11 This module provides the overall control for the application.
12 Each feature should support the overall objectives of the application.
13 All these govern the overall security model of the system.
14 Once we have a set of tools and techniques, how do we modify our testing process to use these effectively and support our overall development goals?
15 application is a component of an overall solution; it can be a middleware component or an actual application.
16 You will then be ready to calculate its overall availability, as above.
17 Film buffs are likely to be most distressed not by the overall cut in films on release, but by the quality and nature of what will be on offer.
18 Now you have the overall font and sizing, but a paragraph in the middle USES a different font and alignment.
19 If you do not have an overall cache policy design, it can not only give you bad performance, but can also invoke some functional defects.
20 Your age, gender, activity level and overall health will ultimately determine which type of diet is best for you, but the pyramid is a great place to start.
21 As noted, however, no significant difference in overall survival was seen between the groups, with a median survival period for each of about 26 months.
22 Excessive clutter is often a symptom and a cause of stress and can affect every facet of your life, from the time it takes you to do things to your finances and your overall enjoyment of life.
23 In this section, you'll look at each part of the flow, including the use of each Fan in and Fan Out primitive along with any mappings needed within the overall flow (see Figure 25).
24 Not only does this system set a reliable bar for quality and scalable base, it also lowers overall costs.
25 In this way, you can add content from other document models inside this element, thus extending the types of elements allowed overall in the document-albeit in a specific location.
26 after all, grow back after being harvested, so burning them does not add to overall levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
27 On the one hand, this behavior may be desired, because it saves database accesses and thus improves the overall performance of the long-running process.
28 The study, published this week in the British Journal of Psychiatry, is the first to examine the association between overall diet and depression.
29 Our results show that the overall burden of ADRs on hospitals is high and therefore new methods of intervention are needed to reduce this.
30 This article describes the overall system configuration and some of the technology behind the benchmark result.