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Other sports in a sentence

1. Other sports include cycling.

2. Potentially other sports are listed here.

3. Other sports soon followed suit.

4. Other Sports: Shell Road Complex &

5. has been echoed in other sports.

6. Many other sports have a following.

7. There are numerous other Sports &

8. Ritchie was also active in other sports.

9. Aces is used by all other sports.

10. and also other sports such as Boxing.

11. field teams, and many other sports.

12. Both were used in other sports.

13. Other sports are gaining popularity.

14. I gave up the other sports.

15. All other sports were worth 5 points.

16. Evans also participated in other sports;

17. Other sports programs are being added.

18. Other sports. Hall of Fame Museums.

19. All other sports have one champion.

20. she then tried other sports.

21. Sharpe also excelled in other sports.

22. Field and numerous other sports.

23. Many other sports would soon follow.

24. Other sports were added later;

25. There was crossover with other sports.

26. Other sports facilities followed.

27. It was also used for other sports.

28. Other sports programs are being added.

29. He also played other sports: golf;

30. Not bad! Do you do any other sports?