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Other amphibians in a sentence

1. Other amphibians, but not caecilians, are ovoviviparous.

2. Other amphibians use camouflage to avoid being detected.

3. Toads and many other amphibians display breeding site fidelity.

4. Like other amphibians, oxygen can pass through their highly permeable skins.

5. They often share breeding sites with other amphibians, including other newts;

6. 8 other amphibians occur in this area and may be present.

7. Other amphibians seen in the park include barred tiger salamanders.

8. Salamander venom has been shown to be toxic to mammals, birds, fishes, and even other amphibians.

9. Toads display breeding site fidelity, as do many other amphibians.

10. The many rivers and marshes are home to a wide range of (reed)frogs and other amphibians.

11. They are desirable pets because of their low maintenance requirements compared to other amphibians.

12. It provides a habitat for frogs and other amphibians.

13. Next, copepods are eaten by fish, reptiles, or other amphibians that become the second intermediate host.

14. Eggs of the Pacific tree frog may be consumed by the rough-skinned newt and other amphibians.

15. However, in areas with less running water, they are known to eat frogs and other amphibians.

16. The building houses poison dart frogs, hellbenders, and caecilians as well as other amphibians.

17. The Columbia spotted frog reproduces similarly to other amphibians, but with a few unique details added.

18. They will also consume other amphibians, like frogs and salamanders.

19. They will also eat the tadpoles and eggs of other amphibians.

20. Like other amphibians, the Chinese giant salamander is ectothermic.

21. In 2020, it was confirmed that fluorescence is relatively widespread among frogs and other amphibians.

22. The endangered tiger salamander, along with other amphibians lay eggs and rear tadpoles.

23. It may also prey on frogs, toads, and other amphibians.

24. The endangered tiger salamander, along with other amphibians, lays eggs and rear tadpoles.

25. HoxD-12 is absent in frogs and possibly other amphibians.

26. Water rails and tufted ducks breed on the pond, and there are many frogs and other amphibians.

27. Other amphibians include spotted, blue spotted and red-backed salamanders.

28. Amphibians in this class, Frog, Marsh frog and other amphibians.

29. Alligators and other amphibians and reptiles are also common.

30. Caecilians are limbless amphibians, whereas other amphibians have short limbs.