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No. sentence
1 All those elements that would end up becoming orthodox Christianity, orthodox Christology, those can be found in the Gospel of John.
2 Now if you disagreed with that interpretation, and if you're a good orthodox Christian you should disagree with that interpretation because that's not now Christian orthodoxy.
3 Recently I stumbled across a little old Orthodox synagogue in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, no wider than the brownstone I grew up in.
4 But don't expect this to be endorsed by orthodox medicine there's no profit in it.
5 after he had taken his place at the podium, with the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church in sight, did the television cameras show the "bridal" motorcade arriving.
6 If reason should lead you to orthodox conclusions, well and good; you are still a Rationalist.
7 It is not the faith of any orthodox creed or religion but the faith that we are called to do the good, or at least the good in so far as we can best determine it, and then to let it go.
8 He quickly dresses in a black habit, the traditional garb of Orthodox monks, runs his fingers through his long gray beard, and hurries off to a church for morning prayers.
9 They happen to hold views that would eventually be the winners in the fight between orthodoxy and heresy and be declared orthodox or correct Christianity.
10 Mr Palikiras said it was not possible to get married in the exact same hilltop chapel on Skopelos used in the film because it is too small and is reserved for members of the Greek Orthodox religion.
11 Stanley Fischer, the head of the bank of Israel, is the epitome of orthodox central banking.
12 traditional national sport is Kurash, and the popular sports in the country include soccer, wrestling and the orthodox horseback games which are played on special occasions.
13 At the foot of its ramparts on red square st basil's basilica is one of the most beautiful Russian orthodox monuments.
14 Russia, for example, claims to believe in this principle, but recognises South Ossetia and Abkhazia, two secessionist regions of Georgia. For some, solidarity with the Orthodox Serbs is a factor.
15 Macedonia's authorities protect the local Orthodox church from its Serbian neighbour, whose priests, seen by patriotic Macedonians as agents of Serbia, may not cross the border wearing clerical garb.
16 The game is called lelo, and, despite periodic attempts to ban it, it has been played since time immemorial exclusively in this western Georgian village every year on Orthodox Easter Sunday.
17 As we entered an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, Larry said, "Oy gevalt!"
18 With natural gas supplies from Russia cut off, an orthodox priest tended a wood stove before mass Thursday at a church near Sofia, Bulgaria.
19 Very early in life Newton abandoned orthodox belief in the Trinity.
20 Still, the pathogenic theory of schizophrenia runs counter to years of orthodox thinking that schizophrenia is a congenital, organic brain disorder.
21 Or, perhaps, it could be held at Ohel Moshe, on a weekday night, and celebrated in the low-key manner that many orthodox congregations celebrate bat mitzvot.
22 Not even the most dismal orthodox economist would claim that material wealth is a substitute for kinship.
23 cross hewn for Epiphany in the ice of Maine's Kennebec River by parishioners of St. Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Church commemorates the baptism of Christ.
24 At that this time if you're an orthodox Christian you're not supposed to believe that Jesus was simply adopted by God at his baptism.
25 He wants to break the Orthodox stranglehold over marriage laws.
26 For example, even orthodox Darwinists have always recognised that there are plenty of cases where fitness doesn't increase over time.
27 More orthodox approaches look at career choices: if you're willing to be a lumberjack, part of that decision is to accept risk in exchange for financial reward.
28 The broad theory that we develop in this book, and the specific models, incorporate basic assumptions that are at variance with those of the prevailing orthodox theory of firm and industry behavior.
29 Constantine also wanted to stop all this feuding about what was orthodox Christianity.
30 That would be an entirely orthodox image and we wouldn't be startled by its presence.