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No. sentence
1 They are charting out the future of the organization.
2 Behavior in the organization is not determined in advance and once and for all by a detailed blueprint and schedule.
3 Organization therefore welcomes publishing partners in all languages.
4 Each persona represents a role in the organization and is portrayed either by me, one of the course assistants, or an external person.
5 But how can you apply this concept in the testing organization?
6 Like everyone in your organization, you have your own strengths and weaknesses, so admit that you cannot do or know everything.
7 We were elected to chair the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe in 2010 and hosted the first OSCE Summit in 11 years in Astana.
8 Secondly, a comprehensive summary document, declaration or statement will be issued after each summit, explaining the major activities of the organization of the year and its plan for the next year.
9 The protesters have no leader and no organization.
10 The government tried to disband the illegal organization.
11 You can do the same within your organization.
12 user name should consist of alphanumeric characters and be a valid structure for all systems within an organization so that each person only has one user name.
13 These special translation tags not only lend a logical organization to the XML structure, they also allow an application built around an XML parser to understand how to process the globalized data.
14 You can also specify that there must be a relationship to an instance of another business model, perhaps the owning organization in charge of the hardware.
15 So how does this translate to the software organization?
16 Your organization owns and maintains the update server.
17 Especially, once one organization owns a big structure, its information management would become necessary for the need of development in the information era.
18 The examples and concepts that follow are based on applying a Value Stream Map to a software engineering organization, but these concepts are applicable to a wide range of Settings.
19 of the foundry giant. In his new role, Tsai now serves as president of the New Business Development Organization, reporting directly to Chang.
20 Why then is there so much confusion and conflicting views on whether or not an organization or project is Agile?
21 My ability to manage this Organization effectively depends on understanding the views of all.
22 advertisement publisher" refers to a legal person or an economic organization that publishes ads for advertisers or for advertising agents entrusted by advertisers.
23 specific administrative act has been undertaken by an organization as entrusted by an administrative organ, the entrusting organ shall be the defendant.
24 Note that manual installation process presupposes some knowledge of PEAR's package organization structure.
25 Note that manual installation presupposes some knowledge of PEAR's package organization structure.
26 In this illustration, analysis confirmed that the organization had an urgent need and provided a clear priority for this need to be addressed.
27 Each organization is asserting its own right, outside of the law, to determine what legally acceptable content you should or should not be allowed to see.
28 Also, the severity of the impact of each of these challenges on software platforms may vary from one organization to another.
29 Likewise, one organization might have that "extra something" in its business process model that gives it an edge over the competition while another organization struggles in this area.
30 If you like them, have them interview three or four other people in your organization for an hour each.