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1 Only three Republican lieutenant governors have been elected since the end of Reconstruction, when Republicans generally represented Reconstruction government, including the newly emancipated freedmen who had gained the franchise.
2 A major revision of the work by composer and arranger F. Campbell-Watson simplified the instrumentation by reducing the saxophones to only three instruments, alto, tenor and baritone.
3 Academic Mimi Gladstein was unable to find any scholarly articles about Rand's novels when she began researching her in 1973, and only three such articles appeared during the rest of the 1970s.
4 A number of fossil cryptobranchids have been found, but there are only three living species, the Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus), the Japanese giant salamander (Andrias japonicus) and the hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis) from North America.
5 The Alaska Marine Highway provides a vital surface transportation link throughout the area, as only three communities (Haines, Hyder and Skagway) enjoy direct connections to the contiguous North American road system.
6 The stable alkali metals are all silver-coloured metals except for caesium, which has a pale golden tint: it is one of only three metals that are clearly coloured (the other two being copper and gold).
7 Lithium, sodium, and potassium are the only three metals in the periodic table that are less dense than water: in fact, lithium is the least dense known solid at room temperature.
8 Taking control of Kandahar city that year, they conquered more territories until finally driving out the government of Rabbani from Kabul in 1996, where they established an emirate that gained international recognition from only three countries.
9 The Cronquist system (1981) places the Alismatales in subclass Alismatidae, class Liliopsida [= monocotyledons] and includes only three families as shown: Cronquist's subclass Alismatidae conformed fairly closely to the order Alismatales as defined by APG, minus the Araceae.
10 The recording sessions in May and June 1982 were a struggle, and only three songs were eventually recorded: "You Owe Me One", "I Am the City" and "Just Like That".
11 A person may be in possession of only three abalone at any given time.
12 This black form is found in only three veins in the world, one each in United States, Italy, and China.
13 Only six of the original Carolingian objects have remained, and of those only three are left in Aachen: the Aachen Gospels, a diptych of Christ, and an early Byzantine silk.
14 Only three propositions can be attributed to him with certainty: Because of the first proposition, God himself is thought to be invisible and only recognizable in his creation.
15 Nicholson, who estimated that only three of these decimal places were meaningful, stated: If it be denied that these results are pretended to be true in the last figures, I must beg leave to observe, that these long rows of figures, which in some instances extend to a thousand times the nicety of experiment, serve only to exhibit a parade which true science has no need of: and, more than this, that when the real degree of accuracy in experiments is thus hidden from our contemplation, we are somewhat disposed to doubt whether the exactitude scrupuleuse of the experiments be indeed such as to render the proofs de l'ordre demonstratif.
16 Arkansas has elected only three Republicans to the U.S. Senate since Reconstruction: Tim Hutchinson, who was defeated after one term by Mark Pryor;
17 In 1992, Labor won eight seats and the minor parties and independents won only three.
18 As of 2020, it remains one of only three such EVAs, all performed during Apollo's J-missions under similar circumstances.
19 As of 2020, it remains one of only three such EVAs, all performed during Apollo's J-missions under similar circumstances.
20 As of 2020, it remains one of only three such EVAs, all performed during Apollo's J-missions under similar circumstances.
21 When the decision was made to announce, there were only three Apple IIIs in existence, and they were all wire-wrapped boards.
22 The Braves starters lasted six or more innings only three times over the last 23 games.
23 Along with Lazio and Juventus, Roma is one of only three quotated Italian clubs.
24 Adrastea is one of only three moons in the Solar System known to orbit its planet in less than the length of that planet's day—the other two being Jupiter's innermost moon Metis, and Mars' moon Phobos.
25 Specifically, the conceptual diagram graph 1 identifies only three boxes, two ellipses, and four arrows (and their five labels), whereas the picture 1 shows much more pictorial detail, with the scores of implied relationships as implicit in the picture rather than with the nine explicit details in the graph.
26 Vincenzo Montella was confirmed as coach for the first season of the new era despite the team's poor end to the previous campaign, which saw them finish only three points clear of the relegation zone.
27 Having been filmed a mere decade after the final episode of the original series, viewer consensus was that the series' original spirit was lost to the film on many fronts, chief of which being the deaths of Ryan and Bailey and Baer's absence, which left only three of the six original cast members available to reprise their respective roles.
28 Currently the United States, China and Kazakhstan are the only three countries involved in the industrial-scale extraction of beryllium.
29 Multi-way bridges with only three spans appear as a "T" or "Y" when viewed from above.
30 The Bermuda Education Act 1996 requires that only three categories of schools can operate in the Bermuda Education system: Prior to 1965, the Bermuda school system was racially segregated.