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Omphale in a sentence

1. Omphale was a queen or princess of Lydia.

2. After some time, Omphale freed Heracles and married him.

3. Heracles slept alone in a bed covered with the clothes of Omphale.

4. Hercules at the Feet of Omphale;

5. The fourth dumbshow features Hercules and Omphale;

6. See Omphale for discussion.

7. Cavallino - Hercules and Omphale, c. 1640.

8. Hercules and Omphale by Antonio Bellucci.

9. Phrouroi; and Teucer. The Omphale was a satyric drama.

10. Hercules and Omphale, by Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1537.

11. Hercules and Omphale, date unknown.

12. He was a great-grandson of Heracles and Omphale, Atys's stepmother.

13. He married Omphale but gave birth to Atys with Plouto.

14. Manes was gored to death by a bull and Omphale became the queen.

15. In the Stuttgart Gallery is also his "Hercules and Omphale".

16. Hercules and Omphale Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.

17. Calliope was barren for five years before she produced Omphale.

18. Omphale was trained by Thomas Burdon.

19. On 7 September, Omphale won a sweepstakes race at Richmond.

20. Omphale was retired from racing in 1787.

21. It was inspired by the novella Omphale by Théophile Gautier.

22. Mythical God. Omphale. Neptune and Amphitrite in the shell chariot.

23. It measures 278 by 216 cm and shows Hercules and Omphale.

24. and power and beauty (Hercules and Omphale).

25. The character of Queen Omphale by Nadar, in colorized version.

26. Heracles is in the palace of Omphale, which he has come to destroy.

27. Omphale extends her arms to Hercules who rushes into them.

28. in the third and fourth, he is constantly with Omphale.

29. the scene of seduction played by Omphale;

30. He founded the companies Omphale and Single Screw Compressor Inc.