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Olympic biathlete in a sentence

1. Laure Soulié, Olympic biathlete.

2. Fort Kent is home to an Olympic biathlete training center, an annual CAN-AM dogsled race, and the Fort Kent Blockhouse, built in reaction to the Aroostook War and in modern times designated a national historic site.

3. Olympic biathlete siblings Anastasiya Kuzmina (née Shipulina) and Anton Shipulin were born and raised in the Tyumen area.

4. No other top 20 finishes were recorded among the 11 athletes, and the two cross-country skiers and the first Australian Olympic biathlete, Andrew Paul, finished no better than 47th in their eight events.

5. Tricia is married to two-time Olympic biathlete Joan Guetschow.

6. Joan Guetschow (born September 6, 1966) is an Olympic biathlete [1]. She competed at the Olympic Games in 1992 in Albertville and 1994 in Lillehammer, representing the United States.

7. She was the first Kiwi Olympic biathlete.

8. Milanko Petrović (Serbian Cyrillic: Миланко Петровић; born 21 September 1988 in Sjenica) is a Serbian biathlete who participated at the 2010 Winter Olympics, becoming the first olympic biathlete for independent Serbia.

9. Army World Class Athlete Program Olympic biathlete Jeremy Teela practicing.

10. January 3, 2016) was an American military officer and Olympic biathlete.

11. June 3, 2013), was an American non-commissioned officer and Olympic biathlete.

12. March 27, 1992) was a U.S. American soldier and Olympic biathlete.

13. Goffredo Lagger (born 12 January 1902, date of death unknown) was an Italian Olympic biathlete.

14. Paolo Francia (born 1901 – year of death unknown) was an Italian Olympic biathlete.

15. Albino Bich (born 1901 – year of death unknown) was an Italian Olympic biathlete.

16. Olympic biathlete Olena Pidhrushna at a news conference after her women's relay victory asked for a minute's silence in memory of the people who died in Kiev.

17. She is married to Polish Olympic biathlete Wojciech Kozub.

18. Her father is Olympic rower Dick Dreissigacker, her maternal aunt is Olympic medalist in rowing Charlotte Geer and she is the sister of fellow Olympic biathlete Hannah Dreissigacker.