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1 the opening of Oliver and Company, an adorable batch of kittens is placed in a box on the street and sold to passersby.
2 This is the most effective system published so far for hydrogen production," says Oliver Lenz at Humboldt University in Berlin, who works on the enzyme hydrogenase.
3 True, the social criticism of Marx's 19th century contemporaries Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo has been transmuted into two hugely successful all-singing, all-dancing musicals - Oliver!
4 In early 1990, I named Henry Oliver, a retired FBI agent and former chief of police in Fort Smith, as Betsey's successor.
5 been sat here too long for any good you have been doing, ” Oliver Cromwell famously declared, as he dissolved the Rump Parliament in 1653.
6 the grown-up Oliver and Abigail will program Web-enabled barrettes or quilt with scraps of Berber tents.
7 Oliver may have to take his cameras and cooking lessons to some other school district, or into the private kitchens of willing, and suitably fat, Californians.
8 The month's trial over, oliver was formally apprenticed.
9 The great English novelist Charles Dickens used exactly the same technique. Many of his works, like Oliver Twist, although later published as complete novels, were originally serialised.
10 king had commissioned uniforms for his troops to fight the republican forces of Oliver Cromwell at the Battle of Worcester the same year.
11 Vicky Oliver, author of "Bad Bosses, Crazy Co-Workers and Other Office Idiots," also cautions that your accomplishments can be downplayed if this information is public.
12 Even Oliver North, Mr Reagan's chief contra warrior, dropped in to campaign against his old Nemesis.
13 Oliver: I'm actually getting to like the name Bozo.
14 Oliver Bullough's first book marks him out as a distinguished researcher, observer and narrator. The opening chapters deal with a part of history wholly neglected in Russia.
15 Between running SkyBridge and being dressed down by Mr Obama, he found time to serve as adviser to Oliver Stone, a Hollywood director, in “Money Never Sleeps”, the sequel to “Wall Street”.
16 A recent report on the future of wholesale banking from Morgan Stanley and Oliver Wyman reckons that bid-offer spreads have increased by anything from 50% to 300%.
17 Dr Raymond Oliver is a chemical engineer and a Senior Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art.
18 But, after reading the proofs of a book by the independent thinker Oliver Tickell, to be published next month, I have changed my view.
19 after speculating about cuts beyond the modest ones his party advocated, Oliver Letwin, a frontbencher, fled to Dorset.
20 Mintel, a market-research group, suggests that British men have been inspired to put on their aprons by male celebrity chefs, such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay.
21 In new research, Oliver Hart, of Harvard University, and Luigi Zingales, of the University of Chicago, argue that the mix of debt and equity should fluctuate according to the risk of bank failure.
22 Oliver is now studying tumors in which the PIDD gene has been knocked out, to see if its absence hinders drug resistance.
23 As Fred and George Weasley, respectively, Ron Weasley's mischievous older twin brothers in the Harry Potter films, James and Oliver Phelps must be one of the most famous sets of twins in the world.
24 Oliver Temple runs Gold Investments, a business started by his father and run out of fairly dishevelled offices in the City of London.
25 CHAPTER V Oliver mingles with new associates.
26 Scaggs in September 1655, in good time for the Christmas trade, Another master stroke of publishing genius, because Oliver Cromwell's Puritan Parlia?
27 mistakes of prehistory offer us important lessons for our management of fragile, arid areas in the present," said Oliver Whaley, of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
28 Today I competed with Oliver in one group, but it didn't affect me at all, I just ran against myself.
29 When Oliver Cromwell died in 1658 and was succeeded by his son, Richard, the regime began to collapse.
30 a woman called Beverly Oliver came forward and claimed to bethe Babushka woman, though her story contains many inconsistencies.