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1 the attack of 1993 on the World Trade Centre nor the bombing in Oklahoma in 1995 had changed that.
2 Hope and dreams. This is what drives modern China today, and also what propelled my mother's ancestors to venture to the flat heat of Oklahoma and grow cotton.
3 Standing at the shoreline in view of the memorial, Steve Brecheen, 54, a pharmacist from Oklahoma City, seemed a bit more unnerved.
4 four states of Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri make up the brass buckle on that tough but pliable leather belt.
5 I really cannot imagine what my semester at the University of Oklahoma would have been like without him.
6 West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee and Oklahoma, for example, are all states where fewer than 25 percent of residents have college degrees.
7 In fact, some of the states that most avidly execute prisoners, such as Texas and Oklahoma, have higher crime rates than states that offer only life in prison without parole.
8 But it wasn't. He was born in a cage in Oklahoma, in a breeding facility for chimpanzees.
9 This data predates any other genetic data on dogs in the New World by 7800 years," says team member Cecil Lewis Jr., a geneticist at the University of Oklahoma.
10 Those who doubted could survey the ORU campus at 7777 South Lewis, and see what God had wrought through the man who was now a director of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce and the Bank of Oklahoma.
11 An American bison stands in a field on the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Oklahoma.
12 only one percent of the cotton grown in the South (excluding Texas and Oklahoma) was machine harvested. By 1959 the figure was 25 percent; by 1969, 94 percent.
13 different to someone who moves from Manchester to London, or Oklahoma to California, because that is where the jobs are. Except that a border lies in the way.
14 Several corn ethanol projects have been delayed for lack of financing in Iowa and Oklahoma since last month, and one plant operator in Ohio filed for bankruptcy protection last week.
15 As she walked to school, two miles down the hilly, narrow lanes of north-eastern Oklahoma, women in big cars would stop and offer her a ride.
16 's forlorn Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn: "What if you want to drive a gas hog?"
17 Obama and Tom Coburn, then freshman senators from Illinois and Oklahoma, sponsored a bill calling for an online database of federal contracts and awards.
18 May 20th Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma and three fellow Republicans (including the up-and-coming Congressman Paul Ryan) introduced their version of a health-reform bill.
19 is to let people monitor lawmakers' expenses, Senator Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican who sponsored the measure, said.
20 on CBS 'Face the Nation program, Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma criticized any attempt to shield Congress from painful votes to raise the borrowing limit.
21 Also appearing on Fox was Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who argued that fixing the massive federal deficit requires fiscal discipline.
22 Dirac monopoles could be of any mass," says Kimball Milton at the University of Oklahoma in Norman.
23 This was almost my first thought when I arrived at my new apartment on the campus of the University of Oklahoma, far different from what I had imagined.
24 One patient, an Oklahoma pastor, has returned to the pulpit.
25 These are among the most common dreams people report, said Ivy Norris, field director for the Oklahoma Schools of Metaphysics, and they all mean something.
26 Even snow plows had to be pulled out of the roads because of white out condition in Texas and Oklahoma.
27 -mile-long pipeline carrying liquid butane from Medford, Oklahoma, to Mont Belvieu, Texas had corroded so badly that one expert, Edward Ziegler, likened it to Swiss cheese.
28 This special report defines "the South" as the 11 states of the old Confederacy plus Kentucky and Oklahoma; see map.
29 Texas, and adjoining parts of Oklahoma and New Mexico, are drier than they’ve ever been — the drought is worse than that of the Dust Bowl. But do not wonder if they’re somehow connected.
30 Orton, the 29th overall pick last June, partially tore the knee's anterior cruciate ligament during his junior year of high school in Oklahoma City.