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No. sentence
1 Their first child was conceived in January and born in October.
2 A Maasai waiter brings lanterns to the dinner area and the swimming pool , a luxury eco-tourism lodge situated at some 180 km (110 miles) south of Nairobi, near the border with Tanzania, October.
3 New Zealand’s rugby team, the All Blacks, pipped France by eight points to seven in the Rugby World Cup final in Auckland on October 23rd.
4 American singles are being offered the chance to fly from Los Angeles in October to "get amongst it" with New Zealanders at the "Great Matchmaking Ball" in Auckland.
5 The data was discovered as part of research for the publication of the next Collins English Dictionary in October this year.
6 enrollment of TOEFL learners plunged to 12 in August but bounced back to 48 in September and was followed by another giant increase to 98 in October.
7 Until his sudden death last October he had been expected to try to take back the presidential sash at an election this year.
8 I set off with my husband in early October, hoping for clear, cold weather and mountains clad in scarlet and gold forests.
9 But he says that Intel's social science efforts are helping to transform the company's engineering culture, and he plans to release another sci-fi anthology in October.
10 Only the periods between early March and late May, along with early September and late October are fit for climbing, among which less than 20 days are actually fine.
11 October 22, 2008 — Paintings of sailboats, ocean liners, and biplanes adorn newfound rock shelters in the remote Aboriginal territory of Arnhem Land in northern Australia.
12 Hyundai often brags about its line of cars rated 40 miles per gallon on the highway, and said 37% of the vehicles it sold in October were 40-mpg models.
13 Last October, a federal appeals court upheld the dismissal of an Ohio high-school teacher who had asked students to report about books that had been banned from schools and libraries.
14 late October 1947, oppressed with "wretched health", Orwell recognised that his novel was still "a most dreadful mess and about two-thirds of it will have to be retyped entirely".
15 The Chinese revolution is a continuation of the great October Revolution.
16 They told them again in October.
17 He wrote in February. My birthday was in October.
18 The third season is autumn. The three months are September, October and November.
19 There are those who think this drought will finish in October with the coming of the long rains and everything will go back to normal.
20 We have not received your order since last October.
21 Remember, the paper only went free in October and these figures show estimates of average issue readership over all of last year.
22 study, conducted by researchers at the University of Connecticut, appears in the September/October 2010 issue of the journal Child Development.
23 group meets on the High Line every Tuesday night from April through October.
24 The odds favour a continuation of decent job growth, though not as briskly as in October.
25 Telecom regulators in the emirates say they will shut down data service for the popular smart phone starting in October - and that includes service for BlackBerrys brought in by foreigners.
26 She started her tour in her hometown of Portland, Oregon, and will stay on the road until the end of October.
27 I had been to Penn only one day, in October of my senior year.
28 Last October, Belgium — which gets more than half of its electricity from nuclear power — pushed back the start of its nuclear drawdown to 2025.
29 On a hazy October morning, after months of chemotherapy, my mother and I drove down to New York-Presbyterian Hospital in the near-dark, listening to traffic reports like all the other commuters.
30 By October I knew that I probably didn't want to be an archeologist.