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ORTA in a sentence

1. The Central Anatolia Region speaks Orta Anadolu.

2. adjective-verb) or ortaç in Turkish.

3. Orta is now in prison in New York.

4. Denkinger called Orta safe.

5. Orta flees the valley on the dragon.

6. He claims to have information about Orta's birth.

7. Da Orta critiqued the work of Leonhart Fuchs.

8. ORTA was funded by the Andorran government.

9. Orta went one-for-ten with a triple and an RBI.

10. Orta was born in Mazatlán from Cuban parents.

11. "Geographical information on Orta, Turkey".

12. Orta may refer to:

13. Garcia de Orta's work is in dialogue format.

14. It lies on the eastern shore of Lake Orta.

15. He painted a Nativity in the Sacro Monte d'Orta.

16. He was also active in the Sacro Monte di Orta.

17. stage 15, to Orta San Giulio;

18. Orta İbrahim ÖĞÜT

19. The broletto at Orta San Giulio, on Lake Orta.

20. Orta Salahlı or Orta-Salakhly may refer to:

21. Orta-undis means "sprung from water".

22. He now lives in Orta San Giulio, Piedmont.

23. Renee Orta Salgado, 43, killed on May 13, 2012.

24. Lale Orta was born 1960 in Istanbul.

25. Bülent Ortaçgil.

26. The sanctuary seen from Orta San Giulio.

27. Orta San Giulio seen from the sanctuary.

28. Mid or Central Horde (Orta juz);

29. the Sacro Monte di Orta (1731);

30. Glyptamoda orta Iredale, 1944;