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1 Since its launch on 2 November 2005, Mechanical Turk has gradually built up a following - there is a forum for "Turkers" called Turker Nation, which appears to have light-to-medium level patronage.
2 I also have a Usenet posting by Rick Adams, dated November 23, 1988, stating that "At long last, the 4.3BSD files that do not contain ATT code are available to anyone who wants them."
3 hand, volunteers organized successful "money bombs"--one-day online fund-raising frenzies (the one on November 5, 2007, netted Paul $4.3 million).
4 Too much snow in November.
5 Tshisekedi [TSHEE-Say-KAY-dee] is Etienne Tshisekedi, the main opposition figure in Congo's presidential election on November 28th.
6 It railed against the Federal Reserve's second wave of quantitative easing, launched in November, for pushing up prices around the world.
7 Greenwich Mean Time on November 8th an asteroid by the name of 2005-YU55 whizzed within 324, 600km (201, 700 miles) of Earth: an astronomical hair’s breadth.
8 So let me just make this simple point. There will be plenty of time between now and November to play politics.
9 They hope to carry out the first permanent implantation of their new electrodes in November.
10 I was 13 and he had just given me a mix tape containing “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam and “November Rain” by GNR.
11 The third season is autumn. The three months are September, October and November.
12 From tone and content, a first-time visitor might have divined that the PP was already in power-which, according to opinion polls, it will be after a general election due in November.
13 Frosts often occur in November.
14 The airport at cairo was blacked out when i arrived late tuesday, november 6 .
15 You see, November is the season for this commodity in our market, and our Customs formalities are rather complicated.
16 But the scandal that has been rumbling on since the end of November in Brasilia has bested all previous efforts in this genre.
17 Yet few of those who voted at the elections in November 2005 imagined that Zelaya would embark on a programme of radical change.
18 Rge expects the Fed to announce additional policy stimulus at its meeting in November, most likely in the form of large-scale purchases of Treasurys.
19 both countries "colour revolutions" (Georgia's, in November 2003, was rose-tinted, and Ukraine's, a year later, was of an orange hue) have had confusing consequences.
20 November 18,1685, Louis XIV of France revokes the Edict of Nantes, which has protected French Protestants.
21 Police are thought to have been alerted after two of Mr Goodman's stories last November aroused suspicion among Clarence House staff.
22 Police are thought to have been alerted after two of Goodman's stories last November aroused suspicion.
23 You see, November is the season for this commodity in our market, and our Customs formalites are rather complicated.
24 He conked out in November with pleurisy.
25 And in November, a century and a half after On the Origin of Species was published, we commemorate the beginnings of the theory by which we all know him.
26 28, partnered with Dariusz Rakowicz and Lisa Ray, and developed his solution to the dilemma for about six months before leaving Google in November 2005.
27 8Saudi workers load carboys of "zamzam" water containers at the Zamazemah United Office in Mecca, on November 7, 2010.
28 5Saudi Arabian men ride on the newly-opened Holy Sites metro light rail in Mecca on November 2, 2010.
29 Yet when a train from Moscow to st Petersburg was blown up on November 27th, killing at least 26 people and injuring nearly 100, it was met with fatalistic acceptance.
30 all of the countries polled growth forecast for 2011 are either flat or slightly higher compared with our poll in November.