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1 The author belongs among the romance writers more than among the novelists.
2 Some journalists manage to make big money from corporate speaking fees, but that's not an option for novelists or poets.
3 Like their distant Cousins the snooty novelists, many camera buffs eschew digital for the comfort of darkrooms and the aroma of developer fluid.
4 Few modern novels have been so acclaimed by critics and fellow novelists as The Blue Flower.
5 Self-published novelists, keen for attention and without agents or publishers to share the proceeds with, often sell their works extremely cheaply.
6 Like skilled fashion designers, we novelists clothe stories, as they change shape from day to day, in words suited to their figures.
7 NOVELISTS as different as Wilbur Smith and Elmore Leonard have been inspired recently to write about the antics of the pirate-kings of Djibouti.
8 A political analyst remarked that Rosenberg's testimony was being translated into more languages than the works of Guatemala's most famous poets and novelists.
9 Austria has always been a country of great poets, writers and novelists.
10 God, that would have saved a lot of novelists some trouble.
11 this is the problem that we novelists now face, the question that we have been given.
12 Tajikistan was known for its theater and famous novelists during the Soviet era.
13 But you know other writers other poets novelists actors stage actors they're all important as well.
14 Still, the typewriter's primary market appears to be snooty novelists who claim they cannot compose on any technology introduced since Hemingway took a dirt nap.
15 It's happened to many novelists too - the coincidental (dreamed-about) situation where you encounter a stranger reading page after page of your book, without realizing you're present.
16 Our poets, playwrights, novelists, historians, biographers and musicians were all underwritten by copyright's markets.
17 The critic calls attention to the way novelists slip sneakily in and out of their own prose, here speaking as a character, there pulling back the veil and revealing the voice of the author.
18 Hollywood and science fiction novelists have been wrestling with this "friend or foe" question for decades.
19 a blog on a subject that interests you–such as breeding bull terriers, chasing UFOs, Russian 19th century novelists, and so on–and create your own community.
20 Mr Cercas, one of Spain's best younger novelists, sees in their quiet defiance a crowning moment of Spanish history.
21 She'd be able to chunk Victorian novelists into one group, Magical Realists in another group and Renaissance poets into another.
22 quality and popularity of crime fiction has given Nordic novelists a prestige that authors from other countries do not enjoy.
23 Speaking at the Romantic Novelists' Association's annual conference last week, Holland urged authors to push for ebook royalties that are "considerably higher" than the standard of around 25%.
24 I'd like to recommend three contemporary novelists to you-Ursula Le Guin, Ernest Hemingway, and Doris Lessing.
25 This narrative setup reflected clearly novelist's identification in thinking with dramatization.
26 He now confesses that, at the time, he had read none of Camus's work, and was later "shocked" and humbled to come across the novelist's extensive reporting on Arab poverty.
27 From a novelist's perspective it is a "miraculous event", too improbable to be true.
28 end of apartheid robbed South African novelists of their great theme.
29 Saul Bellow (1915 — 2005), the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1976, stands out as one of the giants among American novelists of the middle decade of the twentieth century.
30 All her works deal with love and courtship, but she is much more adept at reaching a wide audience than other romantic novelists.