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Northern European in a sentence

1. Those of northern European descent are more commonly affected.

2. Much of Tolkien's work was inspired by Northern European mythology.

3. Miķeļi Day is mostly celebrated by Northern European people.

4. The Crucified Christ, ivory, Northern European, c. 1300.

5. It has liner service to several Northern European ports.

6. She also made a northern European cruise in July 1972.

7. The area is mostly inhabited by people of Northern European origin.

8. The coal is usually exported to Northern European buyers.

9. It more commonly affects people of northern European descent.

10. The Northern European Plains are located also under the Baltic Sea.

11. Northern European Rollmops.

12. It is one of the Northern European short-tailed sheep breeds.

13. Persons of Northern European descent are at greater risk.

14. Northern European workshops featured similar terms.

15. This is the case across the Northern European Lowlands.

16. Subclade C1e had a northern European origin.

17. Northern European medieval art from 1450–1650;

18. French company Procap had its Northern European plant in the town.

19. The Woodson Y chromosome did show northern European ancestry.

20. The northern European cultural elements are also present.

21. it is often mixed with other Northern European ethnicities.

22. Similar concepts existed in other northern European cultures.

23. This first root seems to prevail in the northern European areas.

24. His mother was born in Canada, and is of northern European descent.

25. Most Utahns are of Northern European descent.

26. It occurs widely in northern European regions.

27. Tree deities were common in ancient Northern European lore.

28. Northern European medieval art from 1450–1650;

29. It is also found in Greenland and northern European Russia.

30. In 2017 she became The northern european champion.