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1 one, this year's unusual climate has led to vegetables ripening at the same time in northern and southern China.
2 Daud was a former deputy interior minister for narcotics. He also served as the bodyguard to Ahmad Shah Massoud, who commanded the Northern Alliance.
3 is part of the Mae Fah Luang Foundation, set up under royal patronage to help the disfranchised ethnic minorities of northern Thailand.
4 During this voyage Columbus also explored the northeast coast of Cuba and the northern coast of Hispaniola.
5 Each spring thousands of walruses return to the walrus Islands in northern Bristol Bay to feed, rest, and sometimes die.
6 Units carrying Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missiles left a base in central Japan early on Sunday and expected to arrive at the northern prefectures on Monday, NHK said.
7 Other prefectures in the northern part of Japan's main Honshu island could face similar tolls.
8 Japanese public broadcaster NHK reported on Sunday that Japan's Air Self-Defense Force had started to deploy units capable of shooting down a rocket to the northern prefectures of Akita and Iwate.
9 Looking at these maps, though, you can imagine how surprising that conclusion might have been to many residents of Mexico, the United States, central Canada, Sweden, or northern Russia.
10 Southern separatists, meanwhile, tend to see the strife in distant Sana 'a as a power struggle between northern warlords.
11 He invaded northern China and captured Peking, but was unable to subdue the whole country.
12 Hearing it by this distant northern sea.
13 In the north Sudanese state of south Kordofan, rebels from the Nuba Mountains and neighbouring Blue Nile state fought alongside the south during the civil war in the hope of escaping northern control.
14 crouched under their desks at their school in Onagawa, Miyagi prefecture, on April 12, 2011, as a powerful aftershock hit northern Japan.
15 All we know is that in 610 A.D. a monk in northern Italy first twisted the pretzel into its unusual shape.
16 ANOTHER troubled piece of Northern Ireland's violent past caught up with it this week with the publication of a report on the disturbing case of a Catholic priest involved in an IRA bombing in 1972.
17 Archeologists have found more than 100 painted caves depicting at least 4000 animals in Europe, nearly all of them concentrated in southern France and northern Spain.
18 are already plans for a cowshed in St Moritz and a bodega in northern Spain.
19 Our British Allies made the same mistake, believing that what had succeeded in bringing peace to Northern Ireland could apply to Afghanistan.
20 Large catfish in North America and Europe have reportedly bitten humans, and one species of very large catfish in Northern India is rumored to stalk and occasionally kill local villagers.
21 In harsh northern climes, mountain cherry trees develop a tough, fibrous bark that can be easily peeled horizontally, but is extremely strong vertically.
22 Darkness settles over Jordan Pond in Maine's Acadia National Park as northern lights swirl above.
23 In the crisscrossed labyrinth of canals that make up northern Marja, true intentions are as easy to hide as weapons.
24 The news was particularly surprising because unlike many of its neighbours in northern Europe, Norway's far right is fragmented and weak, and has no history of radical agitation.
25 In northern China, dumplings are dipped in vinegar and soy sauce, and often eaten with a piece of raw garlic.
26 The incident took place on the flashpoint Northern Limit Line, the tense maritime border between the Koreas in the Yellow Sea.
27 The source of Helal's income is over 150 mango trees growing across a hectare of land in Ismailia, northern Egypt.
28 This stretch of Iceland's northern coast resembles a tiger's head complete with stripes of orange, black and white.
29 Her father moved the family to Cantagalo from a small town in the northern state of Bahia when she was 12.
30 October 22, 2008 — Paintings of sailboats, ocean liners, and biplanes adorn newfound rock shelters in the remote Aboriginal territory of Arnhem Land in northern Australia.