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North Omotic in a sentence

1. It therefore splits off the following groups as small families: South Omotic, Mao, Dizoid, Gonga–Gimojan (North Omotic apart from the preceding), Ongota, Kujarge.

2. The North and South Omotic branches ("Nomotic" and "Somotic") are universally recognized, with some dispute as to the composition of North Omotic.

3. Fleming (1969) argued that it should instead be classified as an independent branch of Afroasiatic, a view which Bender (1971) established to most linguists' satisfaction, though a few linguists maintain the West Cushitic position or that only South Omotic forms a separate branch, with North Omotic remaining part of Cushitic.

4. Bender (1987: 33-35) reconstructs the following proto-forms for Proto-Omotic and Proto-North Omotic, the latter which is considered to have descended from Proto-Omotic.

5. Wolaytta is a North Omotic language of the Ometo group spoken in the Wolayita Zone and some other parts of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region of Ethiopia.

6. In 1998, the regional government attempted to introduce an artificially constructed language, based on the various local North Omotic languages and dialects, as the new language of education and administration for Semien Omo Zone.

7. Their language belongs to the North Omotic family (see Omotic languages).

8. The North Omotic (Nomotic) or Ta-Ne Omotic languages, belong to the Omotic branch of the Afro-Asiatic family and are spoken in Ethiopia.

9. The four Ta-Ne Omotic (North Omotic) subdivisions given by Güldemann (2018) are: Comparison of numerals in individual languages:

10. Chara (alternatively Ciara or C’ara) is an Afro-Asiatic language of the North Omotic variety spoken in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region of Ethiopia by 13,000 people.

11. Shinasha, also known as Boro (Borna, Bworo) is a North Omotic language spoken in western Ethiopia by the Shinasha people.

12. Kafa or Kefa (Kafi noono) is a North Omotic Language spoken in Ethiopia at the Keffa Zone.

13. Güldemann (2018) accepts that Dizoid is more likely to be related to Ta-Ne ("North Omotic") than Mao and Aroid are, and observes loanword influence on Maji languages from the Gimira subgroup of Ta-Ne. Comparison of numerals in individual languages: