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North African immigrants in a sentence

1. The small Muslim community is primarily made up of North African immigrants.

2. The North African immigrants also constructed the city's houses.

3. In a 2010 interview after some riots in Milan between South American and North African immigrants, Maroni, then Minister of the Interior, stated that "the police state is not the solution" to integration problems and calling for a "new model of integration" maintained that "we should think that, other than a permit of stay, a job and a house, there are further conditions that today are missing for integration to succeed".

4. In the 1961 census, the percentage of North African immigrants, mostly from Morocco, was 87% in the town;

5. It is a mark of the success surrounding the official blackout of information about October 17 that Smith's novel, written by a foreigner in France and published in the United States (it could not be published in France), would stand as one of the few representations of the event available all the way up until the early 1990s–until the moment, that is, when a generation of young Beurs, as the children of North African immigrants call themselves, had reached an age at which they could begin to demand information about their parents' fate.

6. It was claimed the riots were not completely spontaneous, and that a local movement, Likud Yotsei Tsfon Africa (Union of North African Immigrants) was involved in planning some of them.

7. It was reported that there was discontent and a sense of alienation felt by many French Muslims and North African immigrants in the suburbs of French cities.

8. On 9 May 1988, a Sonacotra hostel in Cannes that was frequented by North African immigrants was bombed with a gas bottle, injuring four people.

9. She pointed to the Barbarians, a gang of African and North African immigrants who had perpetrated similar abductions in the past.

10. Beit Dagan was founded in 1948 at the site of the Palestinian village Bayt Dajan by Yemenite and North African immigrants.

11. His authority was seriously weakened by the October–November 2005 Paris suburb riots in which hundreds of cars and numerous warehouses were set alight throughout France by thousands of alienated North African immigrants who complain of widespread discrimination and unemployment.

12. The riots were triggered by the accidental deaths of two North African immigrants in a poor Paris suburb named Clichy-sous-Bois who were rumoured to be fleeing from police.

13. Villaplane then became Bonny's chauffeur and then, in 1944, head of one of the five sections of the North African Brigade, a criminal organisation made up of North African immigrants which collaborated with the Nazis through anti-Resistance activities.

14. Because North African immigrants are flooding Europe looking for work, riots in France and Germany prompts both countries to force a number of former Warsaw Pact nations to accept them in various factories.

15. Therefore, the documentary alleged, the campaign against North African immigrants to Israel – prior to or following their arrival – was only part of an international phenomenon whose scope is still being uncovered.

16. In the Goutte d'Or neighborhood of Paris, North African immigrants share a tiny apartment amongst their French neighbors.

17. Other religious groups include Jews, Muslims (primarily North African immigrants divided into two groups, one more fundamentalist) and Hindus.

18. A ma'abarah (refugee camp) inhabited mainly by North African immigrants was also erected in Beit She'an, and it later became a development town.

19. During the 1950s a ma'abarah (refugee camp) inhabited mainly by North African immigrants was erected in Beit She'an, and it later became a development town.

20. After regular performances in Paris's Barbès district, an area made up primarily of North African immigrants, they caught the eye of producer Pierre Jaubert and became the house session band at his Parisound studio.

21. In March 2018, the city of Netanya decided to change the name of a street named after Yoseftal because of his discriminatory policies towards North African immigrants in the 1950s.

22. It tackled everything from the political intrigues at Paris City Hall to urban planning fiascoes to anti-Semitism in France to drug-related social problems in Paris to the plight of North African immigrants in France and a variety of environmental concerns.

23. Because most North African immigrants in Chicago have not been associated closely with the Muslim Middle East, the North Africans come together as a common community.

24. This organization is particularly directed to North African immigrants because they have not been associated closely with the Muslim people of Middle East.

25. Shokeid has conducted research and published his work on North African immigrants in Israel and on the Arab residents who remained in Jaffa after the 1948 War.

26. Middle Eastern and North African immigrants have primarily settled in California (20%), Michigan (11%), and New York (10%).

27. Because most North African immigrants in Chicago have not been associated closely with the Muslim Middle East, the North Africans come together as a common community.

28. She stated that the police records of North African immigrants from 1948 to 1952, which had their basis in employment figures and ration cards, were "not entirely reliable", and that "it is difficult to establish with any certainty precisely where the different North African immigrant social classes lived in Paris and the suburbs, making it impossible to argue that certain neighborhoods became "Maghrébin" virtually overnight."

29. He spotted them performing at Barbès, a Paris district which had many North African immigrants.