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No. sentence
1 But I am lucky because we did get a little bit of the tsunami but nothing like what they got up north.
2 SOME members of North Korea's elite have long drunk the world's most expensive cognac and nibbled caviar.
3 early and stays late in the north.
4 coal mines in North China have to rev up their outputs to meet ever-increasing demand.
5 Though North Korea is one of the world's poorest countries, its skill with missiles and rockets has improved steadily since it first acquired a missile from Egypt around 1980.
6 This test—like North Korea’s missile test two months ago—was most likely conducted as much for domestic reasons as it was to send a message to the United States.
7 Korea's newly appointed unification minister, Hyun In-taek, told reporters Wednesday North Korea does seem to be preparing to launch a missile, but not right away.
8 the first and third eruptions covered most of North America with ash.
9 Even without sending food, Seoul is assisting the North in its crisis: the World food Program says South Korea puts up most of the funding for the agencys operations in the North.
10 Bright clouds stretch in a line from India northeast over the north Pacific Ocean.
11 Yet although killings and explosions have become daily occurrences in these north Caucasian republics, in Moscow they are not considered to be attacks on Russia itself.
12 They call it "the Venice of the North" and "beauty on water".
13 COMPARED with the flotilla of oil and gas platforms in the North Sea, the waters west of the Shetland Islands are virgin territory.
14 Miyagi, Fukushima and Iwate prefectures further north bore the brunt of the damage from the shock and the ensuing tsunami.
15 Now some graduates, destined for corporate life, have found purpose volunteering to work at nonprofit groups shuttling aid to the newly destitute in the prefectures north of here.
16 We hope this will spread to North Vietnam and central Vietnam as well.
17 Waiting 24 hours allowed the Sun to rise just north of east and arc back to an exactly eastern alignment for the photo.
18 Five North Korea during the Western Han Dynasty have been set up taste in Qujing County.
19 in central North Korea, sent mudslides into villages and towns, as terraces on denuded hills collapsed.
20 Drugs are dumped out of propeller planes or unloaded from ships just off the coast of Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, or Sierra Leone, and then broken into smaller parcels to be shipped north.
21 It will go on display at the Guardian and Observer newspapers' Newsroom exhibition centre in Farringdon, North London.
22 Material such as wood chip pellets will be imported from North America and Africa, while UK-sourced biomass like tree stumps and corn stubble will also be used.
23 Of past flourish partners ops did not exist, leaving only those eyeful bare stumps, as well as the unscrupulous north wind... here is no longer my home, I can only find new homes.
24 Very roughly this river defines the north west edge of the Indian subcontinent and the Persians, Greeks, Romans and the rest of us applied the name to everything on the other side of that river.
25 If you weigh north of 170 pounds, look for firmer stability shoes, above.
26 Apply to prince Michael of sealand if you want to run your own nation, even if it is just a wartime fort perched on two concrete towers in the north sea.
27 The Geysers, located in the Mayacamas Mountains north of San Francisco, California, is the United States' first geothermal power plant and turned 50 years old this year.
28 The Bering Strait parts North America from Asia.
29 The explorers dared the dangers of the ice north.
30 wet in the South, while the North is dry.