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No. sentence
1 Nonetheless, he is not without strengths.
2 Future of Power" is a grand title for a book with an essentially modest ambition-but one that contains a fundamental lesson, nonetheless.
3 Nonetheless it has caused a bubbling debate over the rights of offenders vis-a-vis ordinary citizens to boil over.
4 They are making progress on the product they create together but spinning in the hamster wheel nonetheless.
5 Nonetheless, the media have been transfixed by what they see as a spectacle of presidential insouciance.
6 Love, while it sometimes leads to folly, is nonetheless the best catalyst there is for defining ourselves and identifying our task.
7 Nonetheless, it has added enormous processing capacity because of the effectiveness of its new hardware and software.
8 But nonetheless, Peter the Great creates this huge empire that will have over the long run, an enormous influence in European affairs.
9 Nonetheless, the poll marked the first credible election in Nigeria since the end of military rule 12 years ago.
10 Chinese reporters ran onto the court and mobbed him so that nobody in the audience could actually see him. But there were loud cheers nonetheless.
11 OK, but nonetheless, I want to stress we have both a value, yeah, and a type.
12 Sir Michael might have handled a difficult brief more deftly. But his departure is nonetheless a problem for the BBC.
13 That's part of what makes Fourier wonderful. "Nonetheless, for some signal-processing applications, banded matrices could prove more efficient than the Fourier transform."
14 Nonetheless, if you have coworkers with pollen allergies-and it's highly probable you do-you should either avoid flowering plants or snip off the flower buds as soon as they appear.
15 Nonetheless, the earliest flowers appear to have been pollinated by insects, and the full-scale blossoming of flowering plants coincides with the rise of animals as go-betweens.
16 There was nothing useful to bring Robin, but I made a bouquet of cut mums nonetheless and stuck them in a plastic cup with some wet paper towels holding them in.
17 Stocks nonetheless made gains in early trade Monday, helped by a separate report showing improving builders confidence. See Market Snapshot.
18 where they are not, the idea that students should be able to choose between public schools is nonetheless bringing competition to America's educational system.
19 Larson is trying to understand how the muscles and bones in the monkey allow Parker to walk - badly, a sort of high-stepping goosestep, but walk nonetheless.
20 Though Boba Fett ultimately bested the other hunters and collected Han Solo's bounty, Bossk is nonetheless a fearsome and heavily armed tracker.
21 Nonetheless, I want my rights, even without the media.
22 The class was part of their training to become medical assistants -- work far below their qualifications that would nonetheless get them back into the healthcare field.
23 Nonetheless, the judges ruled, they could not publish it, owing to evidence from Mr Miliband that America would retaliate by withholding vital intelligence in future, thereby placing Britain at risk.
24 Nonetheless, this mechanical study provides potentially useful information regarding the performance of the various posterior rod-and-screw constructs.
25 Nonetheless, when Jin's grandson invited her and her husband to move into a modern apartment complex in the suburbs, she refused.
26 But he nonetheless has entertained visions of turning it into a family-oriented theme park, with rides for children.
27 Other dynamics are nonetheless beginning to transform the continent and its relations with the outside world.
28 Nonetheless, some of these securities could be resold after the housing market recovers, and even turn a profit for taxpayers.
29 Nonetheless, because of what happens to our bodies as we age, there are some common elements that all older runners should include in their training.
30 Nonetheless, it can be difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality.