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Nippon Steel in a sentence

1. In July 2013, the plant was sold to ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel.

2. Steel (which was called Nippon Steel during the Japanese occupation);

3. In July 2013, the plant was sold to ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel.

4. After graduating from Hosei University, he joined Nippon Steel in 1970.

5. After graduating from high school, he joined Nippon Steel in 1973.

6. He belonged to Nippon Steel after graduating from Tokai University.

7. He pitched for Nippon Steel Hirohata for most of the decade.

8. He is competing for the Nippon Steel Corporation Judo Club.

9. The mine is owned by Middlemount South, POSCO and Nippon Steel.

10. Nippon Steel bought a 10% stake in the mine from Itochu in 2010.

11. Since 2018, Ovako has been owned by Nippon Steel Corporation.

12. In 2018 Ovako was sold to Nippon Steel.

13. At its inception, it was known as Nippon Steel Corporation Kamaishi.

14. Nippon Steel was created by the merger of two giants, Yawata Iron &

15. (However, Nippon Steel had an operating profit for 2002 and 2003.

16. , wholly owned by Nippon Steel &

17. Sumitomo Metal Corporation to Nippon Steel Corporation.

18. In 2006 Nippon Steel and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

19. He played for Auckland, Nippon Steel, and Waitakere City.

20. Originally, in 1980, Nippon Steel Computer System Corp.

21. was established by Nippon Steel Corp.

22. In 2012, Nippon Steel Corp.

23. was merged into Nippon Steel &

24. Currently, Koyabu works in a company affiliated to Nippon Steel.

25. In 1970, with the merger of Nippon Steel and Fuji Iron &

26. Co. and Nippon Steel Corp.. It was 4.29 hectares big.

27. In 1941, Saito joined Nippon Steel.

28. In 1981, he became Chairman and CEO of Nippon Steel.

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30. Nippon Steel's Nagano: "We need more roads, harbors, bridges, housing.