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1 Nippon Steel's Nagano: "We need more roads, harbors, bridges, housing.
2 Says Shigeo Nagano, chairman of Nippon Steel, which today produces more tonnage than any other company in the world: "So long as we had to start from nothing, we wanted the most modern plant."
3 Nippon steel, Japan's biggest steelmaker, and Sumitomo Metals, a smaller rival, said they were planning to merge next year.
4 merger of Nippon steel, Japan's largest steelmaker, with Sumitomo Metals, a domestic rival, was announced on February 3rd.
5 This week Nippon steel and POSCO, South Korea's largest steelmaker, which already hold shares in one another, said they were considering deepening their defensive partnership.
6 Great technical and economic benefit were obtained by applying it to the main drive of rolling mills in Nippon steel and Baosteel.
7 Nippon steel, Asia's leading steelmaker, is Posco's strategic partner through cross-shareholdings.
8 It is reported that X120 is by far the highest level of pipeline steel, at present, the world only the Japanese Nippon steel, Sumitomo and some European companies have production performance.
9 The remaining portion of the ThyssenKrupp plant had final bids submitted by ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel for $1.6 billion in March 2013.
10 In July 2013, the plant was sold to ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel.
11 Some major Japanese industrial companies include Canon Inc., Toshiba and Nippon Steel.
12 The top five organizations that filed the most intellectual patents on nanotechnology R&D between 1970 and 2011 were Samsung Electronics (2,578 first patents), Nippon Steel (1,490 first patents), IBM (1,360 first patents), Toshiba (1,298 first patents) and Canon (1,162 first patents).
13 Two positives in the years since Agnes was the 2011 purchase of Standard Steel by the Japanese company Sumitomo Industries, who merged with and is now known as Nippon Steel, which effectively saved the jobs of 500 union laborers as well as many others, and the opening of First Quality, an adult incontinence products manufacturing facility that employees approximately 400 people.
14 In October and November 2018, there was a decision by Supreme Court of South Korea and many high courts in the country that order many Japanese companies, including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation, and Nippon Steel to compensate the families of South Koreans who were unfairly treated and illegally forced to supply labor for World War II war efforts.
15 Tōkai has a strong industrial base along its coastline, dominated by a large steel mill owned by Nippon Steel and by Aichi Steel, which has its headquarters and three manufacturing plants in the city.
16 In a recent economic change in Osaka Bay, older 'heavy' industries such as Nippon Steel have declined, and 'new tech' companies such as ICT have expanded.
17 In the 1930, Nippon Steel built a large steel mill, the Seishin Iron and Steel Works, in the town.
18 Steel (which was called Nippon Steel during the Japanese occupation);