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No. sentence
1 Ninja, right? It's supposed to be a monkey, but we like the idea of cleaning crews toiling away folding up Ninjas a lot better.
2 In this fast paced ninja climbing game, your goal is to rise as high as you can while avoiding killer squirrels, angry birds, enemy ninjas, throwing stars and exploding bombs.
3 One day they’re still playing Ninjas, next day they’re confiding in me about the kiss their boyfriend stole behind the bikeshed.
4 As the profession has developed, companies have moved away from hiring social media "gurus" or "ninjas," terms that were cliched almost as soon as they were coined.
5 Recently: “I just threw some kazoo on this b—-” and “NINJAS… YESSSSS!!!!!!!”
6 almost as if every one of our carefully considered software abstractions is being targeted by a dedicated team of contrarian ninjas.
7 Just watch out for ledges and other ninjas because they will knock you off and send you to your doom!
8 My sister and I became Please Stop ninjas, constantly finding creative new ways to wield the ultimate source of power more effectively.
9 My family has been kidnapped by ninjas. I need money for karate lessons,' it reads.
10 Ninjas, zombies, aliens and secret agents all feature in this site for Microsoft Forefront, a comprehensive line of business security products.
11 Your objective is to kill as many ninjas you can before they kill you!
12 FIGURE 4 a common behaviour map, and a specialized one for ninjas, who have different melee and firing methods, and never flee, are listed.
13 While these are only a small sampling of the tools we have created, the rest of those trade secrets belong to the Internet Marketing Ninjas.
14 there be ninjas?
15 Thanks fro that O, NEAL, Hey, you go and take them out with your Ninjas .
16 CSS Ninjas appears to use flat colors at first glance, but each colored area has a subtle gradient, which gives it texture.
17 Discover the magical world of Mini Ninjas, and play one of the 3 ninja games.
18 he doesn't call them ninjas. - What happened to him?
19 his friends, Konoha's ninjas use a crow messenger it seems and talks with Gai.
20 There are some sentences that act like deadly silent ninjas, killing self-confidence and antagonizing your friends, family and colleagues-the worst thing is that you might not even realize it.
21 Our days detractors once again return to the small ninjas!
22 They could have been hit by a truck, but they were more scared of the ninjas.
23 They think they're ninjas.
24 One day they're still playing Ninjas, next day they're confiding in me about the kiss their boyfriend stole behind the bikeshed.
25 In his book Breaking the Spell: A History of Anarchist Filmmakers, Videotape Guerrillas, and Digital Ninjas, Chris Robé claims that "anarchist-inflected practices have increasingly structured movement-based video activism".
26 Spice (2001) and a string of campy horror/action films such as Cheerleader Ninjas (2002), Cheerleader Autopsy, Cheerleader Massacre (both 2003), Chainsaw Cheerleaders, and Ninja Cheerleaders (both 2008).
27 In 2019, Benedict took on the role of Jack Strange in the B movie Space Ninjas written and directed by Scott McQuaid.
28 in another, the "geek police" ordered Jon to "throw out his tie"), and his eccentric interests which range from stamp collecting to measuring the growth of his toenails to watching movies with "polka ninjas".
29 Over time, the costume selection extended to include popular characters from fiction, celebrities, and generic archetypes such as ninjas and princesses.
30 in Japan they are known as tetsu-bishu and were used by ninjas from the fourteenth century onwards.