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1 Two visions are taking shape. One is the notion of "economic government", championed by France's President, Nicolas Sarkozy.
2 enables Mrs Merkel (and Nicolas Sarkozy) to show domestic taxpayers that their money is not being frittered away on feckless southern Europeans.
3 Even President Nicolas Sarkozy, who comes from a posh Parisian suburb and never looks less at ease than when confronted by livestock, found two hours to idle away at the fair.
4 seesawing could continue: next up on Disney’s release slate is “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” a live-action fantasy starring Nicolas Cage that strikes many veteran movie marketers as a tough sell.
5 France's Nicolas Sarkozy hailed Mrs Merkel's agreement that the European Council should be an "economic government" for Europe.
6 Two visions are taking shape. One is the notion of “economic government”, championed by France’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy.
7 A heated argument ensued between the guard and my French travel companion, Nicolas Rapp, who had been driving a dark-green 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser around the globe for the last year.
8 This weekend at a summit in Paris France's President, Nicolas Sarkozy, wants to heal the rift.
9 French Magazine Paris Match altered this photograph of French President Nicolas Sarkozy by removing some body fat.
10 Neither of France's carmakers wanted to have to guarantee jobs at home as a condition for state aid, as President Nicolas Sarkozy had stipulated.
11 Because of a demand from Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s president, competition will no longer be one of the EU’s main objectives if the Lisbon treaty comes into force.
12 Four major projects top the list of developments to which Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President, has signed himself up to complete - theoretically by 2015.
13 Two sets of tea bags represent a range of renowned people; from influential politicians like Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy to members of the British royal family.
14 Le Monde wrote of a “double debasement: of the authority of Nicolas Sarkozy and of the image of France in Europe and in the world.
15 French President Nicolas Sarkozy has urged colleagues to embark on an "offensive strategy" to control the debate, and support is expected from Poland, Italy, Spain and Greece.
16 President Nicolas Sarkozy reshuffled the French government.
17 French President Nicolas Sarkozy has reshuffled his cabinet after a heavy defeat for his party in regional polls.
18 French President Nicolas Sarkozy has reshuffled his cabinet following a humiliating defeat in regional elections.
19 A 1938 comic featuring Superman's debut that has been recovered in a storage locker in the US appears to be the copy stolen from Nicolas Cage, police say.
20 The surveys suggested that he also could pose a formidable challenge to incumbent French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the 2012 election.
21 Some see this as an assault on national democracies by the European elite, be it unelected or self-appointed (as in the case of the German-French duo of "Merkozy", Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy).
22 Meanwhile, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been flying to Frankfurt for desperate emergency meetings with Frau Merkel to try to prevent French Banks from going belly-up.
23 Despite hostility both on the left and in his own party, President Nicolas Sarkozy's government easily won the parliamentary vote.
24 President Nicolas Sarkozy suggested that Luxembourg, the home of the EU's justice commissioner, might like to provide the Romanies with homes.
25 The cosy relationship has frayed in recent years due to Nicolas Sarkozy's pledge to reform the decades-long "Francafrique" policies of self-interest that encouraged opacity and theft of state funds.
26 Italy's Silvio Berlusconi and France's Nicolas Sarkozy had been expected to attend, but stayed at home in order to be available for possible developments in Europe's financial crisis.
27 Nicolas is subjugated by a model wife who is richer than him and globally known and who constitutes a war trophy as she comes from the Left, " said one.
28 economic mood may be souring fast, but Nicolas Sarkozy still managed to bring some festive cheer to his electorate over the holiday period.
29 US President Barack Obama and French leader Nicolas Sarkozy, alongside late music greats including Michael Jackson and John Lennon, are represented in the "Cup of Fame" series.
30 Right-wing president Nicolas Sarkozy capitulated in 2008 after a drivers staged a three-day "operation escargot".