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Nicobarese in a sentence

1. The majority of Nicobarese speakers speak the Car language.

2. Paul Sidwell (2015:179) considers the Nicobarese languages to subgroup with Aslian.

3. Animism is the traditional religion of Nicobarese people;

4. "Shompen" is possibly an English mispronunciation of "Shamhap", the Nicobarese name for the tribe.

5. The main groups of Nicobar tribes are the Nicobari (Nicobarese) and Shompen.

6. The nearest relatives to the Aslian languages are Monic and Nicobarese.

7. Car (Pū) is the most widely spoken of the Nicobarese languages spoken in the Nicobar Islands of India.

8. On 12 July, the Nicobarese natives signed a document that ceded all twenty-four islands to Austria.

9. Little Nicobar (Nicobarese: Ong) is one of the Nicobar Islands, India.

10. Languages spoken in Katchal are Nicobarese, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Santali.

11. Polypedates insularis (Nicobarese tree frog) is a species of frogs in the family Rhacophoridae.

12. Based on the 1997 data, however, van Driem concluded that Shompen was a Nicobarese language.

13. It is not clear if borrowing from Nicobarese is enough to explain all of those exceptions.

14. Nicobarese may refer to:

15. Chaura, or Tutet (Sanënyö) is one of the Nicobarese languages spoken on Chaura Island in the Nicobar Islands.

16. In 1847, his first major geographical work, "The Nicobarese islands", was published.

17. Nicobarese also displays verb-initial word order.

18. However, there are no apparent linguistic connections with Nicobarese or other Austroasiatic languages.

19. Nancowry (Nancoury, Nankwari, Mūöt) is a Nicobarese language spoken in the central Nicobar Islands.

20. Camorta (Kamorta) is a Nicobarese language spoken in the central Nicobar Islands.

21. It is not mutually intelligible with the other Central Nicobarese languages.

22. He was also reported to have assisted Nicobarese people in promoting their business.

23. Adie was born in Nicobarese under the shadow and rule of the Blood of the Fold.

24. Nicobarese may refer to:

25. In Rangoon Richardson became the first Nicobarese to be ordained as an Anglican priest.

26. Richardson authored the first Car Nicobarese language primer in 1923, using a modified version of Latin script.

27. He was also the founder of the Nicobarese Athletic Association.

28. He translated the bible into Nicobarese, which was published in 1970.

29. He belongs to the Nicobarese tribe.

30. He was nursed by the Nicobarese who refused to let Indians near him and after he died they buried him.