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1 She went on to become one of Hollywood's leading ladies, starring alongside Gregory Peck, Paul Newman and Kirk Douglas.
2 put this hypothesis to the test, I teamed up with my colleagues - the psychologists George Newman and Paul Bloom.
3 Newman may have been one of the biggest stars on the planet, whose blue eyes could stop a happily married woman at 20 paces, but he was also a burgers-and-Budweiser man's man.
4 Newman went on to race at Le Mans in 1979, placing second in his Turbo Porsche.
5 Newman and Logie's meta-analysis of existing literature identified several factors that could influence people's willingness to be inoculated with an HIV vaccine. Among them.
6 Paul Newman, a man among men, was a "student of human moves" in The Color of Money. You should be too.
7 land on which the lighthouse stands has been in the Newman family for generations.
8 I was reminded of this the next day, when local landowner Sir Geoffrey Newman arrived to give me a tour of the lighthouse.
9 goal of REAL and the Agile program is to test and acquire radios within months to a year, as opposed to the multiple years it currently takes, Newman said.
10 Martyrs' Memorial was built as a rebuke and warning to Oxford theologians such as John Henry Newman, as they questioned the legitimacy of the Church of England's split from Rome.
11 we share DNA to do that? As Newman tells me, "What really changes, the fewer siblings we have, is how we define family."
12 Newman an American scholar put forth the spatial concept which thinks that all the human activities require appropriate territoriality.
13 Newman says Apple's dominance in consumer electronics faces serious challenges from its competitors, some who are involved in a number of high-profile legal battles with Apple.
14 Even the slaughterman, Jeremy Newman, who sighted them five days after the breakout, admitted: 'You can't be sentimental in this, but I say good luck to them.
15 Amazingly pilot Mike Newman, 35, crawled out of the wreckage of the high performance Swift S-1 gilder after the cockpit broke up on impact.
16 The others to make the list are actors Connery, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Johnny Depp and Al Pacino, as well as quarterback of the New England Patriots Tom Brady.
17 typical landscape of a Newman film was the raw sidestreets of a city or the empty plains, in which a man would try to get a grip on an aimless, violent life.
18 Many women appear to be functioning normally or coping adequately with particularly difficult situations when in fact they are struggling to cope," said Newman.
19 Think Jack Nicholson in About Schmidt, Peter O'Toole in Venus, Paul Newman in Road to Perdition, or about 85% of the roles that Michael Caine has accepted in the past decade.
20 Arpanet gets first East Coast node, at Bolt, Beranek and Newman in Cambridge, Mass.
21 Paul Newman himself thought little of them.
22 There were a lot of charlatans, especially in the noble courts of Europe," said Dr. Newman.
23 Newman officially announced his retirement from acting in 2007 - "It's pretty much a closed book for me," he said.
24 the beach is a garden established in 1896 by Robert Lydston Newman, deputy governor of the Bank of England.
25 evening will see Randy Newman, Mandy Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow performing songs from Toy Story 3, Tangled and Country Strong respectively.
26 Mr Newman says several European operators are planning to raise the wholesale rates they charge non-European operators when their customers roam onto their networks.
27 Newman dug in to research studies of Japan's past traumas as she watched news of the disaster, and what she saw heartened her: a long history of reaching out to one another in times of loss.
28 Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko painted on such a scale and with such an enriched idea of space that they left the traditional idea of painting behind.
29 Newman and Robert Redford, The sting.
30 News organisations are already abandoning attempts to be first to break news, focusing instead on being the best at verifying and curating it, says Mr Newman.